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User AvatarAndi

Hey Jacpin,

so kind of you to answer me personally.

I am actually not new to EA Studio, I have been using it for more than 6 months but to be honest I did not have enough time for it. Now I am having break from my regular job and i think to dedicated the time on it, to review what I have done with the limited time I had, and to learn from the Forum and the new courses from Petko more…

It is great to see your plan about the 2 M15 and 2 H1 EAs, these are the time frames I have been working on so far!

Your trading management sounds really really good! I remember I asked somewhere in Forum before Petko he suggested me something similar, but what you explain sounds really systematic and that is just great.

Only one question here, when you say on 1k account you trade with 0.1 up to 10 EAs, does this mean that each one is with 0.1? And when the 11th EA comes you will change it all to 0.01? Or I do not get it right? Because this means that if you have 1k and you have 9 EAs you will have totally 0.9 lots trading. And on the 11th EA you will have 0.11 which is a dramatic change downwards…
Please, correct me if I am wrong!

Kind regards, and thanks for your honest information!

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