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Hello Jacpin,

thank you for sharing your experience. That is really great information for the other traders from US that might be reading this topic.

Now keep in mind that trading with different lot sizes will not change the strategy.

The only hard thing could be the decision which EAs to trade with smaller/bigger lots.

But possible solution could be the ones that are having better results on the Demo to be used with a bit bigger lots.

For example, if you have 10 EAs on Demo for one currency pair, and you want to take the Top 3 from there, you can trade with 0.13 the one with highest profit, with 0.12 the second one, and with 0.11 the third.

However, once placed on the live account you will need to follow pips result, and not net profit.

Also, if you keep them on Demo account, you can follow their performance there(having in mind that Demo and Live should open same trades).

Anyway, this gives kind of freedom to the US traders around the FIFO violation.

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