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Hey David,

It is in the crypto courses. Actually it will be interesting for you, because many students wrote to me that they automated the formula, and are very happy with the results. However, I teach that it should be controlled manually.

The idea there is that we use Expert Advisor to open the trade, and after that we use the Never Losing formula to exit with the TP or worst case scenario on Break Even. We eliminate the losses totally.

I had in couple of courses, but these two are dedicated to the Never losing formula:

1. Ethereum trading robot – Cryptocurrency never losing formula

Ethereum trading robot

2. Bitcoin Trading Robot – Cryptocurrency never losing formula

Bitcoin robot

Actually the second course was our best seller and over 4000 students joined it during the last one year.

Now, what I am looking with the formula is the volatility.

It is in my to do list to create a course about Forex and the Never Losing Formula.

Kind regards,

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