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Hey Guys,

I have missed to join this topic earlier, as I was traveling.

I have been trading for about 13 years, and the last 4 with FBS Pro and the last one and a half with EA Studio.

I can share just that as much simple as you do it, the better.

I have tried many times to make more portfolios and include many assets, and all the time the result is worse for me.

If you see what Petko does in his courses, he keeps in simple:

1 course with 10 EAs for EURUSD
2ns with 10 for USDJPY – great results the first week for me!
3rd 5 EAs on 5 different currency pairs
99 but only on 3 currency pairs with one time frame

We have discussed this with him in personal lesson I took from him, and what I learned is that he succeeds to keep them all separately, and simple

And this is a thing that eliminates a lot of the emotions and greed, because when I tried to make it more complicated I was always lead by the greed to make more profit in one account..

Hope this helps!

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