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Hello David,

quite interesting here. As I said to Jacpin I am not in US, and I can not really give 100% answer about the FIFO violation. Just I do not want to mislead you. But I have read a lot and many traders complained about this limitation.

Anyway for the trading I could help you of course.

First, when you say your friend is trading with the same broker, do you mean the one Jacpin uses or yours? It would be great to share the name(just do not put links). This way the other US traders will have an idea which broker could be used.

Now regarding the trading, I get your idea. One thing is in FX BLue you should start looking in the results for the pips, and not for the Net Profit. You will need to find which EAs make most pips.

The whole idea is not really hard to be done, specially if you know what you are doing.

That RPA that you mentioned places all the EAs you have in the folder to the opened charts? Only for one currency pair or for all?

Kind regards,
Petko A

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