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It is hard to make a conclusion for your broker from what you say. If you have only two EAs for one asset it is possible that you are following the Fifo rule.
The rule stands for First one in, first one out. If one of the EA opens trade, and then the other one, and then the first one closes first, you are not violating it. And if the broker keeps the rule, basically you will see a massage that the second trade can not be closed before the first trade is closed.

However, I am in Europe, and I never had a problem with, I just read a lot about it, and many traders from US complain about this rule. As well from my experience working for regulated brokers here, I know they avoid the traders from US.

But I think if your broker violates something, it is their fault and not yours. But if they do, make sure to check if they are not scam. For example try to redraw small amount, and if they start asking, and make it difficult, than you should pay a lot of attention to it.

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