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User AvatarHaliffa

Hey Jacpin,

Getting addicted to the forum, and learning more…thanks for sharing your experience!

At the end of the day you are trading different strategies and Expert Advisors with the GBP, so you are having the diversification there.

As well I do believe you have SL with your EAs, so even something dramatic happens there, it will be one losing trade.

I have never tried the Gas and Oil, I will think of testing those. To be honest I copy the trading currencies from Petko, as I see he has great experience in trading, and he found out that these work the best for him. Of course I do realize that if they work for him, it does not necessarily mean that that these EAs will work for me too. And yes, the experience is quite important I do believe.

Wow 70% is huge! At first I started with the logic that anything above is 50% is good enough to be traded, and then I went up to 60%. Recently I use more the Profit factor of min 1,2.

Yes, I spent as well nearly all my free time in creating EAs and testing them. I started in June I do believe…and I September I am live with 10 EAs. Nov was not really my month but the previous two were great. So you thumbs up! You are going much faster.

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