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You are very welcome! It makes me extremely happy when I hear that people who watched my courses start to make profit.

Recently I received many questions, why I do not provide signals, or some kind of trade copier. The answer is simply – I want to build traders and not copiers.

It is easy to do it, but when I am gone one day, the traders will be frustrated, and they will need another place to copy from.

But when you are build as a trader, have the skills and the knowledge, you will succeed to continue trading, building EAs and be successful. That is what I want to achieve with the students.

Yes, that is exactly what I wanted to say. If it is working, simply do not touch it. When it starts to lose, than you will look for solution. But with EA Studio the solution is easy – replace with new EA that you have already tested.

Now the optimization normally is needed when you use Expert Advisors from 3rd place with different broker.

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