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@Haliffa-Yes, you’re right. I am wary of the whole Brexit thing, but I’m just going to let everything play out as it may. My 4th EA that I just went live with yesterday is GBP/JPY, so you’re right..GBP is playing a big part in my trading. But then again, this currency has been the most active during the time I have been trading.

I do have 3 more EAs that look like they should be ready to go live within the next week or so and it looks like a better mix: Natural Gas, Silver, AUD/JPY.

I test the EAs in Demo with this criteria:

Min 10 trades-Opened and closed
Min win %-70
Min trade time-2 weeks

*I immediately get rid of any EAs that have more than 3 losses before it even gets to 10 trades as it already fails my criteria of a 70% winning performance.

I don’t really pay attention to the min # of pips because with a 70% winning percentage and taking profit around 50 pips on average already in my EA, I make that 100 pips easily. Also, it wouldn’t apply to the other assets I trade like the indicies, gas, silver, etc. So, I try to keep things as simple as possible to let me run through the analysis results. I use FX Blue Live to do this (Thanks Petko for letting us know about this website).

I started Demo testing in September and went live in October with those that passed the criteria. I spent a lot of time creating the strategies for all the different assets and also to replace ones that failed.

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