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Hi there! Yes, this is with 0.1 lot traded. I took Petko’s advice and will trade with 0.1 lots until I have more than 10 EAs running. At that point, I will reduce them to 0.01 lots if it makes good risk management sense (such as depending on whether or not I am 10k account balance).

Yes, the three EAs are Forex. This is only because I started with Forex pairs when I first started creating EAs through EA studio. It took me about 1.5 months to create all the EAs for all the different assets. Depending on stagnation and when I started them in demo (max 30% stagnation and placed in demo either October or November), most of them should be completing the demo testing period by the end of December. So, I estimate I will be around 10+ EAs to start in January.

My three EAs that are live and generating profit are: GBP/USD M15, EUR/GBP M15, and AUD/USD H1. The GBP/USD, I went live around end of October, AUD/USD around beginning of November, and EUR/GBP about a week ago.

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