Hey Petko,

Thank you for looking at the screenshots and for suggesting to me to set the starting amount to $10,000 and the entry lot to 0.1.
That would have generated strategies but not for my account and might not solve my problem.

As I showed you in the screenshots, both my brokers are from AU (not from the UK) and the leverage is 1:500 (not 1:30).
My initial capital is only $1,000 (with each of my two brokers) because Corona had (and still has) a huge impact on my private finances. $10,000 is not realistic at all for me.

You’re right, I am “missing a little bit of the Forex basics. 1 lot = $100,000 trading units“… I’m still a beginner and can easily miss something – but did you take into consideration that my account has high leverage?

I’ll try to look (again) into generating strategies with 0.01 lot – but have tried that already and it’s only a partial and and limited solution – which is why I asked for help in the first place.

– Are there any Forex settings suitable for generating strategies with $1,000 and 1:500?
– Would I be better off if I reduce my leverage to 1:30 or lower?
– Can anyone put me on the right track please?

Thank you in advance.