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Hello Mcetraro,

you have two options to test the EAs over your Historical data:

1. Use the beck tester of Meta Trader

2. Use the strategy builders as I showed in the course in lecture 17.

Also, I showed in lecture 16, how to obtain the historical data(the script is included), I guess you did not complete the course?

Anyway, here are the steps for you, that might help you:

1. Click the Home key on all time frames for the traded currencies
2. Export the Historical data with the provided script and place it in EA Studio and FSB Pro
3. Import back the Expert Advisors and the see the results over your Historical data
4. Not a bad idea to optimize the EAs according to your data

That process will help you see what a difference there could be in the performance if you compare Historical data on few brokers.

Kind regards,
Petko A

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