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Hi Petko,

Is there any way to compile the November 99 EA’s in bulk?
I can do one by one but prefer to do all at once.
I’m trying to attach to run on a demo for one month.
Oct 99 EA demo going well so far.

Also, Petko would you ever consider a chat room on Slack where we pay for a subscription, can follow your trades and even set up a copy trade subscription where we follow a set portfolio that you create (mirror trades)
I was a member of BK Forex based in the USA and they were running this system. The subscribers loved it and the fees were $1000 per year so with the 300 subscribers they had, was good money for them and subscribers could learn in real time and make the fee back easily.
You could do something similar with the EA portfolios and additionally, we can learn from you how you trade manually in real time throughout the week, keep up with news etc etc.

Thanks Petko,

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