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Hello Hamselv,

I catch your point here, but you are missing something.

When I place for example 10 EAs from the 99(or whatever number), I choose these Experts to trade for not predefined period. I do not not how long time I will keep them on the real account.

Every other day I check if some EAs need to be removed from the portfolio, but if not, they could stay in there for longer time.

For example the Expert Advisors in the new course Top 10 USDJPY strategies, has 10 EAs that so far from the launching of the course, till the moment are all profitable. SO here is the old saying: ” When something works, do not touch it”

What I mean is that I do not trade with the EAs 2 days, I check them out every other day, but they trade longer in the account. So with a certainty you need to back test them for longer period of time.

Kind regards,

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