Hi Illan,

Thank you for the reply.

After watching the course I am now following your methodology on how to watch the performance of each EA. Therefore I have setup DEMO accounts for each FX pair and will be adding the new EAs you provide each week. Please find below my questions;

1. Can I rely that each new generated EA has a unique Magic No? Let’s take an example: I have the DEMO account XYZ for the pair GBPUSD. Provided I get 2 EAs every week for this pair, in 10 weeks I will have 20 EAs . Will any further EA you generate have a UNIQUE Magic No. so that existing EAs will not be overwritten?

2.  Obviously for the newest EAs you provide on weekends I will not have any real history. Can I use the MT4 strategy tester for that? last 7 / 30 days? And because the time intervall is not that long I could even use the most precise method for that – every tick. What is your opinion on that?

Greetings from Austria, ladytrader