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Hello Edu,

Money management is the key into trading. Many traders lose money because they have wrong money management.

My systems in trading teach that we should trade many Expert Advisors instead of one, and this is for two reasons:

1. We achieve better diversification of the risk

2. We achieve more stable profits, because we catch different market conditions

Now, have in mind that when trading many Expert Advisors nearly half will be buying, and half will be selling. This means that you will not really have an issue with the margin in the account.

Here is how I keep trading the total lot amount:

1. If you trade $500 to $1000 – go for 0.01 lot size on each Expert Advisor.(maximum 10 EAs)

2. If you trade with 1k to 2k – go for 0.1 lot size(maximum 10 EAs)

3. If you trade with 5k to 6k – go for 0.5 to lot size.(maximum 10 EAs)

4. Above 10k – you can trade with 1.0 lot size per EA(maximum 10 EAs)

But this is how I am doing my money management.

Try it out with a Demo and figure out what lot size fits you the best in order to feel safe while trading.

Also, keep in in mind that instead of 10 EAs with 0.1, you can trade 100 EAs with 0.01. Just what I showed in the last course – Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors.

Let me know if there is anything else about the money management.

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