Hey guys,

I had a call with Mr. Popov to discuss it. It is 100% coming from chrome.

The developers of Chrome focus more and more recently to make the browser faster, but that is the browser that the users currently use. For example, the browser where I write in the Forum at that moment. However, that might affect the others that I have behind.

Now, I am on a computer with a large screen and I have a reactor working on the side (just the next browser) and I see it working with the very same speed as if I click over it. The speed doesn’t change.

I think the issue comes with most of you that use Laptops, where you use battery safe mode and simply you see just the browser that is in front for you.

If you use a regular Desktop computer, and you have 2 browsers opened – one with the Reactor/Generator, you should not experience any issues. Here is a pic that I will just take: