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For sure, I will let anyone what the new feature/software is available, because it will be useful to everyone, not only the US citizens.

Actually with FSB Pro, you are able to create more professional and complicated EAs.

Make sure to watch the Free videos from the developer of this Forex trading Software:


Also, I have made a long video/article about it sometime ago:

Forex Strategy Builder Pro – why do we use it?

About the min count of trades, it depends on the Historical data you have. The more data, the more min count of trades you can set in the Acceptance criteria.

So if you place 300, and you see that you have many strategies generated, you can stop and set it to 400, and than to 500. Until you find some value in the middle, not to limit the reactor of having no strategies, and in the same time to have enough strategies to work on.

The idea of the min count of trades is that the more we have, the more reliable the becktest is. Obviously we want to trade a strategy that showed profitability over 300-400 consecutive trades, and not over 20-30.

Let me know if there is something else.

Beautiful weekend ahead!

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