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Since I am in USA. Any possibility to update EA studio to support the restrictions we endure here.

I really like the simplistic approach Portfolio EA gives you. Can we add two features to the EA Studio which will allow USA specific strategies to be generated.

1. A Setting to optimize for strategies that will trade in one direction at a time. If one strategy opens a long trade then all subsequent strategies will be forced to only open long trades while that first long trade is open. Vice Versa on short trade.
1a. If creating optimized strategies is to difficult, maybe just adding the logic so that with any strategy if the option for one direction is enabled the EA will only open trades in the direction of the current open trade.
2. FIFO option so that it can automatically be included with EA when it generates the code. This should be able to close all open trades from first to last. I do see possible problems with this when multiple strategies are used in a single EA for profitability.
2.a It would be nice to just have this as an automatic option even if generating individual EA’s.

Just these two Features will allow Strategies to be developed for USA brokers. The first one might be a little more complicated to develop but FIFO should not be a hard feature to add.

Thank you for an amazing Solution and the videos you have produced. I especially like your most recent one and your tip for using the Validator for Demo Testing.

Keep up the good job.

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