Hey Raul,

Glad to hear that you liked the courses. True, in most of the courses I mention similar things, BUT there are reasons for that:

1. Most students take just 1-2 courses (they can not afford more) so I have to explain in each course what is Forex, what is EA, what is EA Studio, how to use it, how to place the EAs on MetaTrader, how to test them, etc..

2. For the people like you, who have man courses and many EAs from the courses, I show different approaches in ever course – different Acceptance criteria, different robustness tools…why? Because this way I generate different strategies so I and my students have a bigger diversification of the risk.

I will have in mind your ideas and all the rest of this topic. And yes, Forex Software already works on a product that will be in EA Studio and FSB Pro, and it will be better than FX Blue. So we will have it all in one place. And it will be free.