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Hi Peter,

I also setup demo account on 23rd May (Pepperstone, leverage 1:500. 3K USD, 0.02 max lot size for all trades). Currently running all Top 10 EAs Forex , Gold and Silver. Total 80 EAs, added a few more new top 10 EAs over last weekend so total 98 windows.

Closed profit over AUD$+240 with another +98 floating loss as of now, a few drawdowns just over the past hours, but give it more time.

My friend is using the original January Top 10 gold EAs and never touched the EAs and the 5K account is now 16K AUD. 4/6 are losing every week, but the account is still growing. Time to prune poor performers. I know he is using the top 4 EAs from January now on his live account and making consistent money.  Give it time.

Also worth adding EA Studio USA30IDXUSD M5 1514048350 (Free EA from Petko youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0uutczwApw&t=217s) has made over 2.5K AUD at 0.5lots on a live account. Opened a sell the other day with profit of AUD$1360 and growing. crazy free EA!

Hopefully more Indices EAs are created and posted (AUS200, GER40, HK50, US500 etc). I’m happy to test!

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