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User AvatarMarin Stoyanov

Hey Peter,

I already wrote to you over email about this, but I’m sharing it in case you missed that.

On our powerful servers we use the Express Generator which generates over 8000 new strategies per market every day. Then we pass them via Acceptance Criteria and Monte Carlo. We merge them to our running collections (up to 100 strategies per market). During the weekend, we choose the best 30 for a market and upload them to the Top 10 Robots App server.  The strategies are kept in the Top 10 until they perform well in a virtual trading environment. We have strategies for staying in the Top 10 for more than a few months. That’s why most strategies have a different Create date (when the strategy was created) and Added date (when the strategy was added to the server).

As Alan pointed, there is no notification about this process. You just need to go to the app and see if new strategies are added for the pair you trade with. Also don’t forget that if you trade with more strategies you need to adopt your lots accordingly. Otherwise you are risking higher portion of your account. You can watch this video to see how we manage the EAs in our accounts. This is not a financial advice, just the way we use the EAs and works well for us. You can follow a similar system or you can implement your own system if you prefer.

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