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User AvatarDesita

Dear Petko,
I succeeded to hold and just when I was on the same price i have bought the Bitcoin, I actually saw your post and decided to be strong and hold it longer…and now I enjoy huge profits…you are really a treasure!
Also, I have bought your Cryptocurrency never losing formula – Bitcoin trading course from that profits. And again you surprise me! What you are doing actually you buy Bitcoin and take small profits, but I actually calculated that for 1000USD move it made, you are able to make more than 5 trades and this will actually make more than 1000USD and you will not pay the same swap as if you buy and wait and wait….really great.
What I think to do now is to hold more the Bitcoin but to practice your course and start trading with your system for the Bitcoin.
I know you do not suggest anything but, if you can say few words about what I do will be just great!
Thank you sincerely!

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