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Hi Peter,

Not all robots are profitable.  If it were that easy all we would have to do is stick a robot on the chart and we would all get rich.  Trading doesn’t work like that whether you are manually trading or using Expert Advisors.  Now lets talk about the Top 10 EAs.  These EAs are live traded and if you will look at theY5 time frame you will see they all been profitable.  However, as the EA traded in a profiable direction over the last 5 years notice the little periods where the balance line moved downward but they later continued to move back upward again.  Now look at the W1 chart.  These are the same EAs but now we have zoomed in on what is happening over the last week.  As can be seen, some of the EAs are moving in a downward direction.  This is the newest little downward bump if we could see it clearly on the Y5 chart at the right edge of the chart.  This does not mean these EAs are not profitable.  They are just going through a short draw down period.  Once the draw down period has ended these EAs will start to move higher again.  However, life is not perfect.  Once in a while we will see an EA continue to start to makeI larger draw downs than normal.  When this happens the EA is replaced.  Now lets talk about the normal drawdowns which we are most likely seeing the W1 charts.  Most likely these drawdowns are normal and the EA will most likely start to move higher again.  However, we cannot predict the future 100%.  So why stay in a drawdown thinking it will eventually turn back upward and the profits will resume like they have been doing for the last five years?  What is something has changed and the drawdown continues and we end up will larger losses.  We don’t want to do that.  So the solution is to stop trading the EAs that have started to drawdown and replace them with EAs that are current making profits (balance line moving upward).  Does this make sense?  This is what we do as traders to try and control risk.

There is no notification you can subscribe too.  What you need to do is to go the the app and look in the the top right corner of your screen and click on Latest.  This will show the most recent changes in the robots.

Hope this helps!

If you have more questions just ask!


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