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User AvatarPeter Lock

I setup 9 EA’s from the top 10 EA on a demo account 3 days ago and lost almost 700 dollar till now. And its still going downhill. Only one is positive since today.

Is this normal in the beginning or do I need to adjust the settings?

The EA’s are:
Robot EURUSD M15 2016102936.mq4 (open +28.40 dollar)
Robot EURUSD M15 1957092103.mq4 (open -18 dollar)
Robot EURUSD M15 1886871919.mq4 (no trades yet)

Robot XAUUSD M15 2001591349.mq4 (no trades yet)
Robot XAUUSD M15 527700410.mq4 (closed – 191.60 dollar) !!
Robot XAUUSD M15 417585610.mq4 (no trades yet)

Robot XAGUSD M15 569850565.mq4 (open +363 dollar) !!
Robot XAGUSD M15 1080231101.mq4 (closed -309 dollar) !!
Robot XAGUSD M15 1752378582.mq4 (no trades yet)

The demo account is 10.000 dollar from Blackbull Metatrader 4
I use 0,10 lot
All settings are default like Petko explain is his video for installing the EA’s.

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