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User AvatarJasmin Kutzner

I purchased the Top 10 Commodities EAs last week on 04/21/24, and I haven’t seen any results with them. I connected the one to two most profitable bots with my demo account. The first trade that was placed closed with a negative result. In the following days, it showed that the trades were canceled, and even trades that are shown in the app don’t open in my demo account.

Can someone tell me if I made a mistake? My demo account size is 25k, and the currency is euro.

23.04.24 (1

24.04.24 (1

24.04.24 (2

24.04.24 (3

26.04.24 (1

26.04.24 (2

29.04.24 (1

29.04.24 (2

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