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Hi Alan, thank you for fast reply. It been 4 days when I send email at support@eatradingacademy.com ago to follow up with the 2 other courses or the rest of the program. I joined the 21-Day Ultra Algo Trading Program on March 1, 2024 and i except to receive e-mail everyday until 21 days but no i did not receive anything except the day 1 with Professional Trading Strategies course with 5 bot and the PDF guide. Please let me know how can i catch up with the rest of the program and it would be nice i receive the follow up email until 21 days. Does Pekto offering 1:1 mentorship program because i am very serious to take my algo trading to the next level as a beginner. Thank you Alan and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Alan, pls let continue our conversation at my e-mail at: ahmad_ainy@hotmail.com


Thank your,


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