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User AvatarDaryn Stewart

Hi Alan

Thanks for your reply and insights. The difference in server data does make sense because the result from 3 demo accounts with the same broker only yielded slight differences in most cases.

I think this part of the process should solve a major portion of my problems but with a lot of focus going into different data sets from different brokers, I do think the platform needs a stronger focus on OOS results to navigate through strategy performance in current market conditions on a specific broker to make sure we pick good strategies based on our broker data.

After generating your strategies with premium data and recalculating with broker data, do you optimise/normalise the strategies on your broker data? Or do you do all the optimisation/robustness testing at the generation stage with premium data and then simply check the performance on broker data afterwards? I still have quite a big question mark on the optimisation part of strategies generation in general.

Is there a way to save symbol specifications from multiple brokers on the premium dataset to ensure strategies are generated with broker settings from the start? From what I can see, the premium data only allows one customisation per currency pair in the symbol settings.

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