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User AvatarAlan Northam

Hi Angelo,

The way EA Studio works is the robot it will take the 5ers historical data and generate buy and sell orders and then at the end of the historical data EA Studio closes all trades and generates a balance line.

The way the 5ers Metatrader works is it will request the historical data from the brokers server the 5ers uses. In fetching this data from the broker there is a delay for the broker to receive the request, then the server has to send the data back to the 5ers Metatrader terminal with another delay. Once the metatrader receives the data from the brokers server it can apply it to the Expert Advisor. The Expert Advisor will then create a buy or sell signal and then send the data back to the brokers server with again another delay. Then once the 5ers broker receives the command to buy or sell it will act on that command. Although this happens quickly my point is there is a delay involved with the live transaction whereas with EA Studio there is no delay. The result is there will be a difference in the simulation done by EA Studio and the live account.

I do not try to make such an exact comparison between EA Studio and my live account. I use EA Studio to create the Expert Advisors. I then run the EAs on my brokers live account with 0.01 lots. I then determine which EAs are being profitable in the current market conditions. I will then increase the lot size on the profitable EA or EAs.

I do not believe there is any errors in EA Studio as the developer has refined it over the years. However, if you feel you need to report your results to the developer then I suggest reaching out to support@eatradingacademy.com .


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