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User AvatarBruno

Hi Petko,

I am little bit confused. If time zone for generating EA matters, how are we suppose to use your EAs on different brokers with different time zones? (I tought that it could matter only if I import data to MT4 so that data match MT4 broker’s time zone which I understand, but I tought that for creating strategies and EA code it is not important)

For example, I have demos on Eightcap, Dukascopy and Swissquote. Eightcap and Dukascopy are GMT+2 and Swissquote is GMT+1. Am I suppose to create different EAs for Eightcap and Ducascopy and separate for Swissquote as their server use different time zone? Or this is important for sth else?

Also, I can not see bar data for selected bar like you show in your video below price chart to be able to check time for related bar! Not possible to see – I tried on few different comps and Chrome and Firefox but like this part is hidden?



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