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Allan, none of those answers address the issue. There is a native mac application, which I am using and stated above. I am not and will not be using parrallels to run windows and then run MT5 when there is a software available.

There is another issue at play here, I have been trading with MT5 on my mac for over a year now without using these things that the EA’s are talking about. I am just getting into those, but there should be absolutely no difference with the way that the platform runs the software, and by opening up the data folder and pasting in those files, they should compile. However they don’t. I have found the work around for the ea’s, but for the data extraction there is nothing yet. The file does compile, at least it says it does, but nothing shows up to drag onto the asset to get data


OxBitpool, how would a VPS affect this?

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