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User AvatarAlan Northam

Waka Waka is a scalping strategy.  In the US the spreads are too wide for this strategy to provide good results.  With the difference in leverage you just need to use a smaller lot size to keep the risk the same.  So, using a smaller lot size and wide spreads will most likely result in small profits which will result in taking a long period of time to recover the cost of purchasing the EA.  Using some of Petko’s other EAs will most likely provide more profits over the same time frame at a much lower cost.  I create my own EA’s using EA Studio and my portfolio outperforms Waka Waka.  I would demo some of Petko’s other EAs before spending $2000 to purchase Waka Waka!

I recommend you read about trading Waka Waka in the US by clicking on this link:

Waka Waka in the US???

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