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User AvatarFederico Pinter

Hello Petko,
I studied and tested every EA of your program and i generated my own EAs and portfolios.

I really think that the EA Studio generator process is just a over optimization of the strategies in a pre-selected period of time. I generated my EAs using data horizon : [01/01/2020 – no end date]. I found that if i test these strategies using a larger period of time the system blow the account. This happen with your robots too, probably you start time of the generator is 2008 (am i right?).

So my questions are:
1) Are these backtests trustable?
2) Do i have to expect losses when i trade with these generated systems on a live account?
3) How long should I expect the strategy to work in the future?
4) How often should I update the parameters of the strategy to keep it working?

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