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Automated Forex Trading Course + 99 Expert Advisors

1. Download the Expert Advisors and place them on the MetaTrader platform.

I have downloaded them. I’ve also opened 2 x demo accounts to compare between two brokers I use.

Broker 1: Pepperstone, Leverage
Broker 2: AvaTrade

2. Open 99 different chart windows – 33 for EURUSD, 33 for USDJPY and 33 for EURJPY. All should be on M15 time frame.

I have done so for both brokers on demo.

3. Compile the Expert Advisors and drag each one to a seperate chart and click on OK.

Done on both brokers.

4. Connect your MetaTrader account with FX Blue and follow the results.

I have done so and been following the results every couple of days.

5. Which are the top Expert Advisors that you have selected to use in a seperate account?

After seeing the results from the two brokers on 99, I chose Pepperstone to use for the top 3.

The first time I change was 3 x EURUSD.

Then a USDJPY showed as top 3 from AvaTrade and I have removed the 3 x EURUSD and put USDJPY.

Today USDJPY dropped and EURUSD came up as 3rd. Am now on 3 EURUSD again.

The performances comparing the 99 EAs and Top is attached.

AvaTrade 99 EAs

AvaTrade 99 EAs Demo

Pepperstone Demo 99 EAs

Pepperstone 99 EAs Demo

Top 3 Demo Pepperstone

Pepperstone Top 3 DEmo

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