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The true name is Expert adviser. Forex robot got popular from the sales men who actually are selling expert advisers but calling them Forex robot. Why they do that? Because they promise to the people that once you buy it, it will do the work for you, it will make you up to 85% on a single trade, its fully automated and so and so on.. Basically that all is not true.

The name is Expert Adviser, for a reason. It is a tool that automates your entries and exit rules and conditions for the strategy. That all it is. Its giving you signals or entries. But you need to use your experience about the trend, about the moment you are using it, about the Fundamental news that are coming up etc.
Basically it is adviser, not a robot. The word robot just misleads the people that when they buy one expert adviser they will put it on the platform and it will make money for them consistently for years…don’t expect that.

That is why in the course Top 5 Forex Strategies i explain clearly that these Expert advisers are the automated version of the 5 strategies. You need to find the way that you will use it or not use it at all. We do our best to maintain them as stable as possible and we do see positive results on the end of each month so far, but as you know past performance does not guarantee future success.

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