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User AvatarSamuel Jackson

Hi Tia,

That all seems fine, 4 windows sounds about right for your vps. Although make sure you don’t push your vps too hard as multiple terminals as wel as 4 browsers could be a bit much on a 2 core vps.

Have you checked your processor utilization?

You didn’t minimize the chrome windows did you? You should make sure that you resize them and that all 4 are active on the screen.

As a quick test set then running on the vps, take note of the number of strategies generated and then log out of your vps (but make sure the windows are active). Then log back in after 15 minutes and make sure the strategies generated number has increased significantly (depends on settings but approx +10,000 say)

Then you will know that all is well. If that still doesn’t work then let me know.

It could also be that you are running too many browsers for your vps which can cause a drastic slowdown of Ea studio but if you confirm the results from the above test first it would be good

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