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User AvatarPaul S

Hey thanks for the replies guys,


I am trying to automate the managing part with excel, so far that part went well. The performance however did not.
I export my trades with an ea I made and import it to excel. then I can calculate profit factor on different timeframes (weekly, or monthly or total).
Then i export a list with the magic numbers I would like to be traded to my mock/live account.
Biggest problem I think I have is that the ea will perform well and gets on my list. But then it trades badly, and drops off my list. So I mostly got the bad trades, while I was trying to filter the cherries. Also I noticed I was just dropping alot of ea in the demo account, maybe it is too much and I should aim for quality over quantity.


I tried updating my excel every 5 minutes/hourly/daily and weekly, but most times it gets in negative once it goes live.

So maybe I will try if I can see if an ea is “trending” like you are trying, but I think I have to go back to the drawing board for that.
Also I will focus more on the course ea’s I think.



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