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User AvatarSamuel Jackson

Hey David,

You are very welcome regarding my support. Happy to help.

What a turnaround! I totally understand the long hours having been through these frustrations myself. You will go far for sure!! This is not an easy game and like anything requires perseverance and experience to succeed. From going through what you have done with these tests you have gained depth of knowledge and understanding that really is best earned this way in my opinion (although guidance and discussion definitely helps hugely!). I don’t doubt you are very relieved that its done though haha

I can tell you are lightyears ahead compared to when you started this post and its all been through your own hard work! Well done once again.

Now you can focus on practicing and developing your systems with confidence in your tools etc 🙂

I’m sure you will also agree at this point that EA Studio is truly fantastic software! We just need to become skilled in using it to develop profitable systems as it can only do what its told right 😉

Happy trading! Very interested to see how your results go over the coming months, keep us posted

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