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User AvatarSamuel Jackson

Okay, so to my understanding you are using about 50000 bars on M15 with and no reactor.

It sounds like an overly strict acceptance criteria. I see you have set some time settings and say Mon – Fri, does this means you have the check box ticked to close trades on Friday.

I would suggest taking a few screenshots of your acceptance criteria, time setting and the generator after running (to see number of generations and added to collection) and posting here.

But my immediate guess is that if you have restricted the time settings that you probably have too many minimum trades set in the acceptance criteria.

How many minimum trades do you have set? You could initially try removing minimum trades from acceptance criteria and then use the performance filter in the collection to see what is a more reasonable value to use given your time settings.

Of course without more information I am guessing and speculating. Screenshots and more precise information are really needed. I am sure the wordfence block issue will be sorted soon so we can properly resolve.

Another suggestion around this issue is I suspect it is a local issue to you, you mentioned you were using the brave browser have you tried logging into the forum using Chrome instead??|

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