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User AvatarDavid Archambeau

Hi Samuel,
And thank you very much for your response.
To be honest I’ll only be reassured when I’ll find my error or when I’ll see with my eyes that the system correspond with reality, but I’m happy that my message has been posted on the forum and that assure me that the system is not scam or dream seller.
I didn’t talk about the way I’ve calculated the strategies because in my opinion, it was not relevant concerning my issue. Whatever the system, the results should match. Of course not to the cent, but not with these differences.
I’ve watch a lot of Petko’s videos, here and on Udemy (where I first heard of this software), but not all, I must confess 🙂
In this case, the collection has been build on GBPJPY 5m, with only trailing stops 1->250 (may be that’s the problem) and no TP, with all available data from premium and my acceptance criteria were more than 100 positions and a profit factor >= 1.2. I used the reactor with everything checked except multi market. The software calculated more than one week and I build a collection of 300 filtered with best net profit. I think that more than 1000 strategies were pruned by the software to get this 300 collection.
With that collection, I’ve created two portfolios:
1: 20 best system quality number
2: the stategies that passed multi market validation in validator (in my case 26)

Of course your right with your two points. I’m not ready to trade live and I must analyse the situation with one ea at a time to get my confidence back. With portfolio, it’s merely impossible to really check backwards what happened.

I’ll do that this week and I’ll share my results 🙂

Once again thank you for your response

Have a great day


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