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Hey Samuel,

Great topic here! Glad you are sharing your system with the others!

1. I think it is alright to keep it a bit unbalanced. The only issue you might encounter is during the red hod news. For example, if you have a bigger exposure to USD and you keep the EAs trading during the NFP. You might see bigger profits or losses. However, that is not every day. Changes in Interest Rates might also turbulence the portfolio…

2. Well, you can not do a lot about it… I wouldn’t worry about not having trades…better not have trades than have losing trades 🙂

3. Yes, adding M15 and M30 makes sense

I know keeping it all balanced is nearly impossible. And recently, I have tried not to focus on that but on the markets that make the most profits.

Again if I give the crypto market as an example, I used to trade many coins and keep a  balanced portfolio. However, in the last two years, I increased BTC in my portfolio because it brought me significant profits over time, it is stable (compared to the other altcoins), and it is good enough for me to trade it.

So if you find that EURUSD on H1 brings you the most profits, then why not have more strategies with it, right?

Keep up the excellent work!


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