Generate automatically Forex Strategies

Generate automatically Forex Strategies

  • Generate strategies automatically for Forex trading
  • Create strategies manually and automate them
  • Define entry and exit logical conditions
  • See the results of the strategy in real-time
  • Use historical data from your Broker

Analyze the created strategies

  • Analyze your strategy before you risk your capital
  • Monte Carlo will help you avoid over-optimization
  • Multi Markets will show you the performance of the strategy the other markets
  • Decide to use the strategy before even testing it
  • Determine the robustness of the strategy
Create experts with one click

Create experts with one click

  • Create your expert advisors with just a single click
  • Access the code of the Expert Advisors
  • Create experts for Meta Trader 4 & Meta Trader 5
  • Control the inputs of the Expert Advisors
  • Trade with confidence

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