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      User AvatarChris Eliot

      Mates, my name is Chris and I am pretty new to trading, actually my interest raised after the bitcoin price jumped so high and everybody started talking about it. I came across to the Packages of the Academy and I took the Optimial. Now I am practicing the courses and the softwares. Anyway my interest is still focused on the bitcoin price and not so much on Forex. Thanks to Petko that he replaced the forex courses with the cryptocurrency courses after I asked.
      My question is Why the the bitcoin price is so expensive? I simply can not understand it how come it is so expensive? I know the basics of how it works, I am glad Petk shows great systems to trade over the bitcoin price and over its value, but I can not understand how come?
      I understand that the bitcoin price is not important to the trading and that it is nice for the Never losing formula, but I hope my question is clear, may be stupid, but I hope you will understand my frustration about the Bitcoin price.

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      Dear Chris,
      there are no stupid questions in this forum. Interesting question from your side about the bitcoin price. Hard to answer this question, and I do not think someone can answer 100% with a certainty. If I need to give you an answer, I would say that the reason for the bitcoin price to move with $1000 daily is not just because everybody is talking about it, but huge investors are involved already. As with the Forex, price can not move so much from single/small players as we are.

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      User AvatarSabastian Lim


      today Bitcoin price is rising again sharply! Sorry for this stupid question but do you think that the Bitcoin price will reach 20 000 $?

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      User AvatarJohn Livermore

      The answer to the question why bitcoin is rising is very simple – right now there much more buyers than sellers. Maybe we have entered into the final phrase of the mania where even people with zero investing knowledge and experience are pouring their money in bitcoin.

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      Dear John,
      you are absolutely right that more and more people are buying and there are so many huge players as well. I really can not say is that the final phrase or just the beginning of the Bitcoin price

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      User AvatarCone D

      Hello all,

      I am surprised about Bitcoin price… Yes, it is true that the Bitcoin price can not be predicted, but it is true that it is rise constantly

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      User AvatarTina

      Why the bitcoin price is so high? Because there is too much interest :)… I am looking for too much exchange in the Bitcoi price these days and I am so surprised..

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      User AvatarSabastian Lim

      Hello to all,

      what is the Bitcoin price on today? Can somebody tell me what are the forecasts about Bitcoin price?

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      User AvatarTom Storm

      Hello everyone,

      i am very interested with the Bitcoin. And for the question “why the bitcoin price is so high?”, I think that nobody can answered, and nobody knows what will be the Bitcoin price of next week, next month or year. The Bitcoin price must be follow every minute and If you think it is profitable you can buy or sell-whatever you want

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      User AvatarLaura Stone

      Hello everybody,

      If I must say something about this topic, I think that the Bitcoin price will rise more. Everybody arount me are talking about the Bitcoin price, and everybody want to invest their money in Bitcoin- it`s really like mania. I think that it can be really profitable if you can trade reasonable and of course safely.
      I think that in this academy have many courses that can be useful for every beginner trader and everyone can learn more than knows.

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      User AvatarTom Storm

      Hello everyone,

      in the past weeks the Bitcoin price was going down sharply and everyone is very worried, because many people lost money. I think that everyone at first can trade with Demo account and when feel comfortable and ready then can trade with real account. Bitcoin price will be change many times in the future-it will be go down, go higher and everyone must be careful about his money. If anyone have doubts about Bitcoin price in the begging must be trade with Demo account as well Petko explain in his courses.


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      You are right dear Tom, many people lost money. That is why we use algorithmic trading the Never Losing Formula to protect the capital. Bitcoin price is unpredictable, and we do not spend time on predicting the unpredictable.

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      User AvatarTina

      Hello to all,

      yes Petko is right! I am also using the Never losing formula to protect my money. Not only Bitcoin price is unpredictable, all the cryptos are unpredicatble, that is why we must to protect us! We can not follow all time the market and the changes that the values makes for Bitcoin price, Ethereum price and so on, and so on. The never losing formula is incredible and everyone must use it for trading especially for these days and for all changes that the market provides us.



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      Dear TIna,
      I am glad to hear that you are using it. It is useful, just keep the greed away, and you will do fine.

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      User AvatarAndi

      Petko, I come back to you in few months. You were right that the exchnages will crash, I lost quite a lot of money(actually all I have earned). So now I am back to the zero. However now I will follow your courses and learn. Wished I listened o you earlier to take the profits and run from there..

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      Dear, Andi.

      Head up! There are always opportunities on the market. Take it easy and spend time to learn as maximum as you can.

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      User AvatarBob Smith

      Hello Mr. Aleksandrov,
      as a new trader may be I will ask some stupid questions in this forum, but I sincerely hope you will understand that this is just because I have no idea from trading. Just took one of your courses, and of course 100s questions into my head.
      I took a Forex course, and now I am wondering if it is ok to take a crypto course since the Bitcoin price is going down?

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      Dear Bob,

      Glad to hear from you and feel free to ask any questions.

      Since we are doing trading (CFD), it does not matter if the price is going up or down. We can sell the Bitcoin and benefit from it.

      I should many examples in the recent weeks and added them to the courses. There you will see how you can benefit when the Bitcoin price is going down.

      It is a personal choice if you want to trade Forex or Cryptocurrencies.

      Kind regards,

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      User AvatarPete

      Now Apple and Mastercard are supporting it so I guess there will be more and more “reasons” for the price to go higher and higher.

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      User Avatarivonemisters

      Hey Petko,
      Any idea about Bitcoin price? Broker the $65k but dropped after that? What can we expect?

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      Sorry, I missed the question.

      Well, what we have seen already is that when Bitcoin does a new record high, which it just did, it will drop. This is because the whales are taking profits.

      So I personally like to take some profits when it is on a new record high, and I always buy the retracements that are bigger than 25% with the Bitcoin price.

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