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    Simon Chong

    Hi Petko,

    What I mean is how many percents are you risking at one time? For example, you have $10000 to invest. How many percents you willing to lose if all EA hit the SL? I understand the rule of thumb that we should we 2% but I want to know your personal risk-taking to set some expectation.


    Hey Simon,

    Glad to hear from you again!

    Yes, 2% is the smartest you can keep. I allow myself sometimes to go to 5%. Anyway, it depends on the lots as well.

    What I always suggest as a good approach s to trade with 0.01 and just add more and more tested (on a Demo) EAs.



    Hi Petko,

    I started a live account mid February 2020 with € 3,000. Mid March my balance was 2,070, but today it is 5,499. I have in total had 75 EA’s on my account over time and for the moment I have 12 EA’s on the account. I follow my accounts with FX Blue.

    You wrote that you avoid drawndown bigger than 10% and remove EA’s from live accounts with drawndowns of 10%. How do you calculate drawndown from a single EA on the live account?


    Hello Jbcdk,

    Glad to hear from you in the Forum. It looks like you are doing a great job with the EAs in the account. And the profits you have are nice.

    I upload back the EAs in EA Studio and recalculate with the recent Historical Data. That is the easiest and fastest way to see the statistics with the EAs.

    Also, you can drop many EAs in the collection using the Validator.



    What would be a realistic aim for someone who is considering starting out with lets say $1,000 using EA’s from your courses, top EA’s from multiple courses?

    The EA’s provided under:

    1. Forward Walk Optimiztion

    2. Forex Strategy Course: 12 EA’s

    3. Forex Trading Strategies from a Professional Trader: 5 EA’s

    4. Automated Forex Trading Course: 99 EA’s


    Would a 20% per month be aiming too high?

    The method of selecting the EA’s would be top performing EA’s from demo to live.



    Hey Suraj,

    I guess you will find out soon. 🙂

    It’s hard to say because there is never a guarantee, bt yes, personally I think that 20% is a realistic to target.

    How many EAs are you planning to trade on that 1k account and with what lot size?


    Thank you for feedback Petko

    I was considering starting with 10 with lot size 0.01, gradually adding more EA’s


    Good! This way, you will have a very low risk.

    I would suggest you, with the time just to add more EAs, instead of increasing the lots.

    This will bring you better risk diversification.


    Thank you Petko for the guidance.

    What’s the maximum one should push to in terms of EA’s on a $1,000 Account?

    additionally when should one start considering increasing position sizing rather than adding more EAs?


    I wouldn’t go with more than 50 EAs in such account, and as Petko said you better look for diversification by using different strategies. Lots should be increased when the account grows.

    Bart Meijrink

    This month I am +15 percent with the EAs from the Robots bundles and I feel so satisfied with the results!

    I never did profits before when doing manual trading, and now I feel I am in the right way.

    I do my best to keep the suggestions from Petko for money management and equal exposure for the currencies.

    Thanks, Petko, for sharing your EAs!


    Hey Bastian,

    Very impressive results. Can you share more how you use Power BI to improve the EAs performance?


    Guys, just to make something clear:

    When someone shares results that must not be accepted as a promise…

    Quite often I get the questions about what profits I do every month, what are the expected returns from the EA. It depends on so many things.

    The market is different every month. I might get some good results because I have a lot of experience, but at the same time, this does not guarantee even to me that there will be the same results next month.

    Just remember that every month is different, and we just do our best in each month. That is all.



    Hello all,

    after a long time only reading this very interesting forum, I decided to create an account and to join you because it seems to me that here can I find really nice and intelligent people…

    Mr. Petko, I’ve seen you try to make 50% profit per month. I’ve also seen your EAs build in the 15M and 1H timeframes, but for sure  you are most focused on just one timeframe. Or let’s say you prefer one time frame and are trying to make 50% profit/month more on one time frame than the other. Can you please clarify this aspect for us as well, in what time frame you are trying to achieve a profit of 50% per month?




    I’m also keen to understand this, and what the best combination (timeframes, number of EAs, month/weekly updates, forex + crypto etc…????) achieves the best returns.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 41 total)

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