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    Hello Dommech,

    your method is just fine I think, very similar to what I do. Also, you are right that there is no guarantee, and I think I make this clear in all of my courses. We never know if a profitable EA will continue trade well. It is just the same as to know where EURUSD will go tomorrow.

    But the thing is we wan to put more things on our side before trading, anyway we would be gambling, and you will never see me in the casino 🙂 No way!



    I want to ask a question.

    In one course I saw that in the acceptance criteria Petko uses the ambiguous bars, and I do not see those in the acceptance criteria.


    @Chingi-EA Studio went through about 2 updates from the time I have been using it in the last 4 months. Petko is probably going to be updating that course or making a note about the software changes between the time the course was created and now. Instead of ambiguous bars, I use Minimum Backtest Quality and leave it at the default of 98%. Here is the information from the Help tab on EA Studio about this criteria:
    EA Studio Help content on ambiguous bars


    Hello Jacpin,

    thank you very much for making that clear.

    Actually Petko explains the same in the course about the ambiguous bars, but I was just thinking that this option is no more available.

    So it is good to know it is there, just with different name.



    Thanks for answering the question, Jacpin!

    Yes, Chingi, it is the same filter.


    Bob Smith

    I like to use it too! And if one is developing the EA by coding, will never know this option exists 🙂


    I am used to place the max consecutive losses in the acceptance criteria.

    I think it is great filter because this way we know how many negative trades to expect during the trading.

    also if there are more during the demo trading, than I know it is over optimized Expert Advisor


    I’m currently testing from 2005 on the H1 for a few of my pairs (roughly 90k bars). I’ve been looking into using 20% OOS and then keeping the last 6 months of data in my back pocket as a final test after Monte Carlo. Today I just threw some GBPJPY strats on the demo account for testing, will let you know how it goes!

    P.S. only 2 made it onto my demo account after 20 hours of scanning. Only the strategies that passed the 20% OOS and the 6 months visual check.


    Hi Roman,

    It is good that you test with the OOS and 6 months at the end. However, you are using huge period, so you can afford it.

    Keep in mind that the more Historical data you have, the profit per day becomes smaller. That is why to look for this “golden middle” that will bring you you robust strategies with a nice profit.

    Chris Eliot

    Hey guys,

    do you know that now it is available to use up to 500k bars in the Data in EA Studio. That is only for the licensed traders by the way.

    Have someone tried that?


    @Chris-I did not know that. That is a lot of bars. For H1, I think going back 5 years hasn’t even hit 200k bars yet for me. So, 500k…. that is a lot of bars. I wonder if that is more for the lower timeframes like M1 and M5 where 200k bars will only let you go back a couple of months. 500k might be able to give a full year on M1 or M5…or at least close to it. I’m gonna check it out.



    this increase of the Historical bars is still in test, and I am not sure if it will last.

    Anyway, if you want to test it, you need to change the number from the Data Horizon.

    There are many updates now in EA Studio, and more are coming up.

    So what I will do is to open a new topic in the forum, where I will post videos with every update. This way everyone will keep it up with the updates, and I will explain them in details, because in the help of EA Studio they are written but not really explained.

    Maria Leona

    Hi all,

    I wish to know if someone has a strict system when generating strategies with EA Studio or FSB pro about the acceptance criteria?

    What I have learned from Petko is to reduce the acceptance criteria if I can not get any strategies and to increase it if I am generating too many.

    The thing is that with every asset it is different. I mean if I found good acceptance criteria for EURUSD, this does not work on GBPJPY for example. So I had to lower the acceptance criteria there.

    Any suggestions on that?


    @Maria-Hi there! I know what you are talking about. I did have to change the acceptance criteria in order to generate strategies, but then I would use the performance filers in the collection with the same acceptance criteria I would have normally use to get the strategies I want. That was the only around that issue that I found.


    Hi Maria,

    better to generate more strategies and than filter them in the Collection.

    The generator shows different and unique strategies all the time, so you really can not predict what it will show in 100%.

    That is why you better give it a little bit more space, and than you just filter the strategies you want to have using the filters in the collection.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 188 total)

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