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      Hey traders,

      Thanks to your precious feedback, I succeeded in improving the FTMO Robot.

      As you already know, the strategy behind the FTMO Robot uses the Envelopes, which is why it works best when the price is in a range. That is why I added an interesting indicator called the Chande Momentum Oscillator. It will allow the EA to buy only when the Chande falls.

      In other words, it would ignore the buys when there is a strong bearish momentum.

      Also, I added the Account Percent Stop again, which allows you to limit the risk to a percentage of the account. And that is important for all Prop Firms, I agree!

      The result is that I got much smoother backtests. Check the difference with the GBPAUD FTMO Robot:

      v4.1 vs v4.2

      Moreover, I removed the EURUSD Robot from the pack and added the NZDJPY Robot, which showed much better results in the long term.

      Please feel free to ask me any questions.

      Kind regards,

      PS. Those who already have the FTMO Robot will receive an e-mail with the new link and password.

    • #199275
      User AvatarJanek

      Seems like really amazing improvement! Great job Petko!
      Which 2 pairs are currently the best now for version 4.2?


    • #199355
      User AvatarRichard Zurmühle

      Hello Petko. I can’t do a backtest on MT5. What can I do please?

      • #199368
        User AvatarAlan Northam

        Hi Richard,

        Can you provide detailed info on how you are trying to do the backtest?  Can you show screenshot of Strategy Tester that shows your setup?  Please provide as much info as you can so I can evaluate the reason you are not able to do a backtest.  Also have you optimized the amount of data you broker provides by holding down the HOME key as Petko has shown in the videos?


    • #199403
      User AvatarRichard Zurmühle

      Hello Alan. So currently only the BOT NDZJPY works for me, for the others it doesn’t upload any data. The test run takes less than a second.


    • #199407
      User AvatarRichard Zurmühle

      • #199423
        User AvatarAlan Northam

        Are you giving it sufficient time to complete the backtest.  I backtested AUDNZD and it took about 6 minute to complete the backtest.  The green bar at the bottom of Strategy Tester went from left side of window to right side of window about four or five times approximately.  I didn’t really count them.  Backtest was with $10,000 and 1.0 lots in all four positions in the inputs tab.  The following is my results:

      • #199959
        User AvatarRichard Zurmühle

        Ok now it works, I started the test incorrectly, now the test is loading the data, thanks!

    • #199543
      User AvatarLee Wagstaff

      “2023.09.18 12:32:42.265 Core 1 OnInit critical error”


      Hi guys bots are great i have 3 that i get this error on backtest? any help

      • #199549
        User AvatarAlan Northam

        Did you get the bots from EAtradingacademy?  The reason I ask is EA Studio and FSBpro generate bots that do not have errors in their code.  So I would like to know what bot you are referring too!

    • #199567
      User AvatarLee Wagstaff

      Hi yes its the audnzd eurcad and eurnzd ones that it wont let me backtest on v4.2 the v4.1 was fine no errors

      • #199800
        User AvatarAlan Northam

        I cannot get them to work in MetaTrader Strategy Tester either.  The only way I can backtest them is to do it in FSBpro.  The MetaTrader Strategy Tester is not the best backtester.  The backtester in FSBpro is world class!  To test these robots it is recommended to do so in a demo account.

      • #199828
        User AvatarLee Wagstaff

        Thats a real shame as it does cost a fair bit for fsbpro at the moment, Ive been really enjoying these bots just not sure why meta strat tester isnt working as the v4.1 was fine

    • #199568
      User AvatarSunyapong Borvonsin

      Can you add “Trailing Stop” to this EA?

    • #199589
      User AvatarYarin Or

      Hey Petko,
      where is the trailing stop value?
      it seems like Account Percent Stop replaced it.
      Thanks a lot

    • #199706

      Yes, I replaced the Trailing Stop with the Account Percent Stop for 2 reasons:

      1. The Trailing Stop did not give any significant difference on the backtest and during live tests (same results with or without it)

      2. The Account Percent Stop is important for people who can’t manage the lots well and they might lose their accounts if they place huge lot size by mistake.

      So if something isn’t really improving the strategy I prefer to remove it. This way the code of the EA is shorter and the backtest would run faster.

    • #199832

      Hi Petko, is it possible to insert a fixed percentage instead of fixed lots?
      Example that for each trade you risk 1% of the capital

      • #199835
        User AvatarAlan Northam

        The EAs/Robots use fixed lots only.

    • #200278

      We use fixed lots only because it’s much easier to compare the results when we trade more than 1 EA in the account.

    • #201349
      User AvatarThe Investor

      Hi guys,

      I can’t seem to do backtests with the robots.

      – I believe to have loaded enough data on my charts (using the home key)
      – All settings should allow me to do a backtest

      I’ll include screenshots, can anyone spot a mistake in my setup?

      Thanks in advance

      • #201362
        User AvatarAlan Northam

        Does M1 historical data go back to Oct 1, 2023?

        Also start with smaller lot size such as 0.3, and 0.3.

        Also I must advise that MetaTrader does not do a good job with backtesting!  The creator of FSBpro recognized this years ago and decided to develop a much better backtester.  FSBpro and EA Studio are the best backtesters available!

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