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    John Michael

    Petko, you share so many strategies in your courses, so many EAs, that I think everyone is satisfied with them 🙂


    Hey John, thank you for the kind words!

    The possibilities that come with EA Studio and FSB Pro are huge, and I am sure many traders can share different methods that they have tested and found profitable.

    Anyway, I know it takes time to come up with profitable EAs, and many do not want to share their EAs. That is just fine 🙂




    Interesting you posted this, I was going to try and see if I could find better strategies by running long/short only entries. Have you been demo testing this yet?


    Hi Dommech,

    Glad to see you posted a strategy.

    Did you get this equity line from the Reactor or you used optimizer?

    Bob Smith

    Hey, I did not know there was such an indicator to add in the strategies in EA Studio!

    Petko, that would be easier to add in your Expert Advisor for the Bitcoin and Ethereum never losing formula?

    This way we do not need to change from the inputs of the Expert, right?


    Hey Bob, you are right but this way we will need 2 Expert Advisors – one for long market and one for short market 🙂

    So instead of switching it, you will need to replace Expert Advisor, which is a bit more work.


    @Roman I’m Demo testing this right now

    @Petko this is from the reactor


    Hello Dommech,

    It is available as indicator that you can add to any strategy. I think what Bob wanted to say is that we can add it to the Ethereum robot for the never losing formula, so we can trade it with the trend direction.

    Bob Smith

    Hey Petko,

    yest I got your point. Anyway when I have the EA Studio licence I can get 2 Robot easy 🙂


    I am interested if forum members would be willing to share what acceptance criteria they are using to generate/filter collections in EA Studio?  My approach is to try and find about 20 or so strategies with low drawdown (<20%), decent RDD (>4), low stagnation (<25%), and enough trades.  I am not interested in the number of strategies but rather the quality of the strategies.  In my experience finding the correct balance of not being to loose or restrictive in the acceptance criteria can save you a lot of time by generating a decent number (20-30) and that are also viable for my trading style.  My approach to EA development is to focus on risk first and profits second.  Like most traders I have a strong preference for smooth equity curves.  The following acceptance criteria has worked well for me over the last month and typically give me a handful of solid strategies for further testing.  I have noticed since the EA Studio updates I am getting fewer strategies in the generator and am in search of ways to generate more high quality strategies.

    Any help is appreciated!


    Hello John,

    Welcome to the Forum!

    There is a Topic about the Acceptance criteria: What Acceptance Criteria do you guys use?

    Please, copy your question there, and you will get more answers from the other student. I will remove the question from here once you copy it there.


    @Otis- Our searches are very similar, though I’ve added minimum win rates to help keep me sane. I am currently trading live with an EA Petko supplied in September with a 40% win rate to help stretch my tolerance levels. Going good so far after giving it 20 demo trades before the live account. 29 trades since September Net profit of $398, 13 W’s 16 L’s.


    Hey Roman, glad to hear that you found so profitable EA from those I share!

    Now, I know we always “miss” these trades on Demo account, and not on the live, but we need to test the EAs. Anyway you wouldn’t know which one between all will work best for you.


    Hey Roman,

    it will be great if you share which is this EA from Petko. This is the topic here 🙂


Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 142 total)

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