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    Samuel Jackson

    Hi Alan,

    Yes that is what Petko is saying and it is definitely the case.

    Make sure that you close other unneeded applications and browsers when running the reactor. Also take note of the number of strategies generated and not just the number making it into the collection if you’s want to gauge how optimally EA studio is working.

    My rough rule of thumb is to run a separate window running a single instance of EA studio per processor core.

    Also make sure that your browsers are active, you cannot minimize them. This is the main reason I want to see a screenshot actually, I want to see how many strategies have been generated rather than added to the collection. I suspect the window may be going inactive.

    After an overnight run the number of generated strategies should be many hundreds of thousands and maybe even over a million depending on computing power.

    Hopefully that’s the issue as I really don’t think it’s to do with the account settings like I originally suspected.

    Oh and always use chrome of course 🙂

    Alan Northam

    Hi Samuel,

    After running for 10 hours here is the result of the EA Studio Reactor:

    Generated strategies 55008
    Passed validation 11 (0.02 %)

    Calculated strategies 11 (2075)
    Normalized strategies 10 (90.91 %)
    Passed validation 11 (100.00 %)

    Monte Carlo validation
    Calculated strategies 11 (231)
    Passed validation 4 (36.36 %)

    My thoughts is that there are not enough generated strategies.  I think this may be because I have too many webpages and MT4 accounts running at one time.  Since I have my 10 MT4 accounts running I don’t want to close them for 10 hours to test this theory.  So, I will wait until the weekend when I will cold boot my laptop (i7 processor) and will just open on instance of EA Studio and let it run for 10 hours to see how it works.

    I know I can only run EA Studio on one laptop but can it be any laptop?  I have another laptop that I do not use.  I could use it to run this test during the week so I could have results by tomorrow morning.  If I don’t hear from you I will give it a try this evening and I could have results in the morning.


    Samuel Jackson

    You can run Ea studio on as many computers as you want Alan. I have two mid range desktops running about 6-8 reactors on each computer and each reactor does about 2000 generations a minute which would be about 1.2 million over 10hrs so yes something is definitely up with your computer speed as it is running 22x slower than mine?

    For reference my processors are just ryzen 4700g on one machine and intel i5-10400 on the other so really nothing fancy at all both machines cost me under 1000 AUD about 18 months ago.

    Let me know how you get on but looks like we have found the issue at last 😉

    Alan Northam

    Hi Samuel,

    Here is latest test on the same laptop.  I just had one Reactor running.  It does about 1000 generations per minute but collection is terrible.

    10 minutes, 11000 strategies, 3 passed validation, 3 passed Normalization, 0 passed Monte Carlo
    15 minutes, 17000 strategies, 3 passed validation, 3 passed Normalization, 0 passed Monte Carlo
    20 minutes, 22000 strategies, 4 passed validation, 4 passed Normalization, 0 passed Monte Carlo
    25 minutes, 27000 strategies, 4 passed validation, 4 passed Normalization, 0 passed Monte Carlo
    30 minutes, 32000 strategies, 5 passed validation, 5 passed Normalization, 0 passed Monte Carlo
    35 minutes, 36000 strategies, 6 passed validation, 6 passed Normalization, 0 passed Monte Carlo
    40 minutes, 4100, strategies, 7 passed validation, 7 passed Normalization, 1 passed Monte Carlo
    45 minutes, 46000 strategies, 9 passed validation, 9 passed Normalization, 1 passed Monte Carlo

    So number of strategies generated is about 1/2 of what you are getting, however, not nothing is passing Monte Carlo.  So I am not sure we have discovered the problem.

    I will set up my other laptop tonight!

    Samuel Jackson

    I think we might be close to solving it but yes let’s not count our chickens yet. However what I am seeing is that your 10hr reactor generated just 20% more than what you have just shown was done in 45 minutes. So what is happening is your reactor is going inactive after about an hour and therefore your 10hr run is really just results for an hours run.

    So if you were getting typically 3 you could expect about 30 if it had actually run all night.

    So before we worry too much about the number getting through the acceptance criteria and the Monte Carlo we want to see that 600,000+ generations after an overnight run.

    Does your screen stay on all night? What would be a good option is to get a vps for running EA studio on. I don’t get these issue because I run on desktop.

    Also getting half what I get on my desktop is probably fair and should still allow you to get plenty of strategies. How many cores does your processor have?

    Also 10% passing Monte Carlo isn’t necessarily  a problem, we use it to leave only the more robust strategies and sometimes that is just about 10%. Usually I like to see around 10-25% getting through the Monte carlo

    Alan Northam

    Hi Samuel,

    My main laptop has 4 cores with 8 logical cores and the screen is set to never turn off.

    My second laptop also has 4 cores with 8 logical cores and the screen is set to never turn off.

    My second laptop has now been running for 4 hours and has collected 8 strategies.  So when the 10 hour run is complete I should have 20 strategies.

    Alan Northam

    When looking for a vps how many cores should I get?

    Samuel Jackson

    Hey Alan,

    Wel that aligns with me getting about 40 in 10 hrs which is good. Remember and keep an eye on number of generations though. Also definitely try and get a few running at the same time on each computer and check that it doesn’t slow the reactors too much.

    re vps well that depends on how many reactors you want to run at the same time. I would think that with your two laptops you should be able to run 3-4 reactors simultaneously one each so that may be enough for you (it’s plenty really).

    I wouldn’t get anything fancy.

    You probably have enough power without but if you did want to go that route then being able to run 4-8 reactors 24/7 is plenty in my opinion so a 4-6 core would be a good choice.

    Determine how you want to use EA studio etc first before deciding what you need.

    You do probably have enough computing power already if you are happy to leave them on 24/7 but I guess I am just thinking screens draw a lot of unnecessary power in this case so possibly not a very elegant long term solution.

    but you could maybe just opt for one and try it for a month and see how it suits you, can cancel at any point?

    Alan Northam

    I have a one day free trial on a vps.  I transferred a test file to it so I know it is working.  However, I have no idea on how to run EA Studio on it.


    EA Studio is pretty fast on any machine, in my opinion.

    However, you can try on a VPS, just install chrome there and run.

    But personally, I think VPS is worthy for MT and algo trading, and EA Studio you can run on your machine.

    Alan Northam

    Thanks Petko.  Windows based vps is a little expensive anyway, so I am not planning on using them unless I absolutely need too.

    Alan Northam

    Hi Samuel,

    I not sure what is going on this morning.  I started a Reactor on my main laptop about 3 hours ago and it has already collected 12 strategies.  The only difference I know of is that I left the Reactor viewable on my screen instead of an MT4 terminal.  Would that make the difference?

    Samuel Jackson

    Yeah I agree Petko, EA studio code is incredibly fast and doesn’t require much hardware but current issues could make it a good option. If prevent screen turning off then there shouldn’t be an issue with reactor going inactive though!

    The main issue here seems to be somehow the reactor going inactive, a vps can be an option worth pursuing for some. I’d probably do it if I didn’t have my desktops just to allow me not to have a screen on all night.

    Kind of a preference thing really though.

    Samuel Jackson

    Yes Alan, that is exactly what will make the difference! If you put another window in the front the browser will become inactive. This is the cause, we got there eventually 🙂

    You need the screen on and can have several browsers running in the foreground as long as you position them to all remain active.

    There are some cost effective vps options but if it doesn’t feel like an preferred option then totally not required, it’s just good to have options 🙂

    Alan Northam

    Samuel, how do you have several browsers running at one time?  From what I am understanding is that if I put one browser in front of the other then the one behind will go inactive and the Reactor will not run.

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