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User AvatarAlan Northam

EA Studio does not over optimize in the generation process of creating EAs.  If during the backtesting the account blows up then the lot size used in the backtest is too large causing a margin call or you have selected the option to optimize.  The optimization option is not recommended to use during the generation process unless you know how to use it properly.  I never use it nor does Petko use it during the generation of EAs using EA Studio.  I can assure you that by using EA Studio properly it will generate EAs that can be used in live accounts.  I always recommend students test the EAs they create in a demo account until they are confident the EAs created will work as expected.  I recommend you download and FREE course on how to use EA Studio at:  https://eatradingacademy.com/courses/algorithmic-trading/expert-advisor-studio-free-course/

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