Crypto Exchange vs Crypto Broker: Which Is The Best

Crypto Exchange vs Crypto Broker – What Should You Know

Hello everyone, today we will talk about the difference between the cryptocurrency exchange and the crypto broker. Moreover, we will tell you when it’s best to trade on the crypto exchange and when you should go with the cryptocurrency broker.

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“Should I trade on the crypto exchange or should I trade with the crypto broker?”

This is one of the most commonly asked questions that we received recently.

The Difference Between Crypto Exchange & Crypto Broker

We will go straight to the point. When you want to keep your crypto coins for a longer time, you need to go for the crypto exchange. If you want to speculate and buy and sell quickly, for example, buy in the morning selling the afternoon if there is movement then you need to go for the Forex broker.

Brokers that offer crypto trading have started with Forex trading
Brokers that offer crypto trading have started with Forex trading

Why do we say Forex broker?

Because the brokers that offer crypto trading nowadays, all have started with Forex trading. Most of the brokers are Forex brokers because their main business was the Forex before the crypto came out.

So what is the difference and why we say that if you want to keep your coins longer you go for Coinbase, Binance, or any other crypto exchange?

The difference is that on the crypto exchange when you buy coins, you actually get the coin. You get the token. You get the chance to put this token or coin in your wallet. And you don’t have any fees for holding them in your wallet, you can hold them for months and years, nobody will charge you for that.

Swap Fee

Well, with the crypto broker, if you buy Bitcoin, for example, you will be charged every night a small fee called swap. And this is a very small fee compared to the fee you pay on the Coinbase crypto exchange when you initially purchase.

Let’s take one Bitcoin, for example. If we buy one Bitcoin, we pay at the moment (in December 2020) about €300 as a fee on the Coinbase crypto exchange for a complete Bitcoin. While with the Forex broker, we will pay just the spread. With the different brokers it’s different, but let’s say it’s somewhere between $10 and $30.

Do you see the difference? Crypto exchange €300, crypto broker $20 average. It’s a huge difference. But what happens here with the crypto broker is that if we keep our Bitcoin overnight, we will pay somewhere between $6 and $10 as a fee. So every night $6, $6, $6, $6, $6. If we keep the Bitcoin long enough, it will get more expensive compared to the Coinbase crypto exchange.

The Crypto Broker Enables Trading With Robots

We use the crypto broker for automated trading where we trade with Robots on MetaTrader and this is because the Robots are buying and selling daily.

So some of the Robots will buy in the morning. Then they will sell in the evening or in a few hours time. Others will just hold the trade for a few days and they will sell it. That is why we keep the low fee here.

And the difference, as well, here is that on the Coinbase crypto exchange, or on the other cryptocurrency exchanges we cannot trade with Robots so that’s one of the differences. If you trade with crypto brokers, you can trade with Robots.

That’s what we do. And if you buy coins on the crypto exchange, you cannot do automated trading.

The other difference is that with the crypto brokers you don’t physically buy and this is something that many beginners don’t understand. When you trade on the crypto broker platform, you don’t physically buy the asset.

Especially for the cryptos, it’s very hard to say it physically. But let’s call it physically because we can still put it in a Ledger for example. we can put actual cryptos on a Ledger, on a device, for example.

When you trade with crypto broker platform you don’t physically buy the asset

Ledger is a hardware wallet for cryptos that we use and it’s a very secured one. So on the crypto broker, what we have is not actual coins that we buy and sell.

CFD or The Contract for Difference at The Crypto Broker

At the crypto broker, we trade CFD contracts, which is called so because it stands for Contract For Difference. Contract For Difference means that every time we buy a Bitcoin, we make a contract with the broker that if the price goes up, we will benefit from that difference. If the price goes down, we will lose that difference. This is called CFD trading.

So we don’t actually purchase Bitcoin or any other coins with the crypto broker, we don’t purchase EUR, we don’t purchase gold. It’s CFD trading.

At the crypto broker we do CFD trading
At the crypto broker we do CFD trading

And this is a very popular method of trading and especially for Bitcoin.

After that in 2018 was the best time to use crypto brokers. You know why? Because the Bitcoin was crashing. It was just that stone falling down and with the crypto brokers, you have the option to sell even if you haven’t bought it previously.

So how it works? We fund an account with the crypto broker. For example, we funded a $10,000 account and we can use these $10,000 to sell something on there, the Bitcoin. Remember, we’re talking about Bitcoin in 2018. And we can benefit from the difference if the price falls.

So if the price falls from $10,000 to $6,000, if we sell on $10,000, we will benefit from this difference of $4,000. Even if we didn’t buy anything previously, even if we didn’t have any coins previously.

Different Trading Methods

That’s the difference between trading CFD and when trading on the cryptos. So which method we would suggest to you? Depends on what you want to do, we do both.

On the crypto exchange, you invest in cryptocurrencies. You buy and hold them for a longer time. With the crypto broker, you trade personally with Robots – you are buying and selling daily, and you pay much lower fees.

And, one more time, on the crypto brokers that offer the MetaTrader platform, it is allowed to do automated trading with the Robots. For the Bitcoin.

So one of the disadvantages of crypto brokers is that they don’t offer a lot of assets. Usually, they have just Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. That’s what we’ve seen with most of the crypto brokers. While on the crypto exchange you can buy many cryptocurrencies.

It’s a matter of time until the crypto brokers start offering more cryptos on MetaTrader that we can trade with Robots or manually.

FCA Regulated Cryptocurrency Brokers and Non-FCA Regulated Crypto Brokers

But something interesting we learned a few days ago is actually that the FCA regulated brokers are going to remove CFD trading from MetaTrader which was quite surprising. We still don’t know why they took that action.

Even they lowered since 2018, there was the ISMA restriction that lowered the leverage to 1 to 2 for cryptos in Europe which is 1 to 2. Traders were used to 1 to 100, 1 to 200-500, and they lowered to 1 to 2 which means that we really need a lot of capital to trade Bitcoin with a crypto broker.

And now, they just ask all the FCA-regulated crypto brokers to remove coins from their platforms. So we guess the only solution will be to trade with non-FCA regulated crypto brokers which is something we personally don’t want to do.

But from January 2021, this may be the only way to go for algorithmic trading with Bitcoin. Non-FCA regulated crypto brokers and MetaTrader.

Still, there are other regulations, of course, but FCA for the moment is like the strictest regulation for the Forex & crypto brokers. And if you’re using a crypto broker with MetaTrader, make sure it’s regulated. That’s super important, Make sure to have FCA, Sysec, in every region, it’s a different regulator.

So make sure you check which is the regulator for your country and choose a regulated broker. Same with the crypto exchange. Coinbase is a regulated and licensed cryptocurrency exchange, for example. That’s why we initially started using it and we saw it’s super friendly and super easy.

That’s one of our longest courses on Coinbase because it’s very easy even for beginners to start with Coinbase. So always go for the regulated crypto brokers or crypto exchanges.

So these are the major differences between crypto exchange and the crypto broker. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below. See you in the next lecture.

Intraday Trading Tips for Stock Trading

Intraday Trading Tips

Intraday Trading Tips That Helped Me Stay On Track

Hello, everyone. Welcome to our blog where we share trading ideas, our experience, and a lot of free strategies for trading. Today I will share with you a few intraday trading tips.

If you are a beginner trader, the video above is a must-watch. This is because I will share a lot of my experience and I will give you some intraday trading tips. I hope that you will find that useful for yourself before you start actual trading.

Let’s start with what is actually intraday trading. As you may guess from the name, it is trading within the day. In other words, this is when we trade during the day and we close all of our trades by the end of the stock session. Usually, by the end of the trading day.

The Stock Exchange

And actually, intraday trading is more popular for the stock market and for the ETFs where we have trading from one hour to another hour. It depends where you are, if you are in Europe you can catch the London stock exchange.

Basically, you will be opening trades when the London stock exchange opens and close the trades usually a few hours later. Then in the afternoon, you can catch the New York stock exchange. As well, we have the Asian stock exchange which is at midnight for those of us in Europe. But, of course, it’s during the day for everyone in Asia.

New York Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange

So the stock exchange really matters no matter what you are trading if you are trading Forex. This is because day trading as well is very popular with Forex trading. This is how I have done it the most because during the stock exchanges there is huge volatility with the currency pairs as well.

Stock Exchange Hours

For example, in Europe when we trade the London stock exchange, there is huge volatility on the GBP together with all the rest. So, for example, we trade the GBPUSD, GBPCAD, and EURGBP, obviously, EUR and the GBP are with the same time zone, or with the same stock exchange hours.

And then in the afternoon when the New York stock exchange opens, usually, we see more volatile USD which sometimes is positive and sometimes negative. So it depends where you are how you want to do it. I would suggest you to try no more than 2 stock exchanges. So if you are in the US, most comfortably will be the New York stock exchange. And then you can catch the Tokyo stock exchange, for example.

If you are in Europe, then you will be trading the London stock exchange in the morning. And then in the afternoon, you can trade the New York stock exchange.

But don’t go for the 3rd one because this is quite exhausting. I tried it and it was a mistake because it takes you almost 16 to 18 hours to go through the 3 of them.

This is the first of my intraday trading tips – you should not trade the 3 stock exchanges.

Picking The Right Time

Just pick 2 of them according to your time zone. Otherwise, it’s too much. You get exhausted and in the long term, you will have losses because simply you didn’t sleep enough.

So take it easy with the time. I always suggest you trade no more than 8 to 10 hours a day if you’re a full-time trader. An intraday trader. This is what everyone does after some time. And usually, in the beginning, it’s a lot of passion and everyone wants to trade more and more. But with time, you will see that it’s wrong.

It’s not about how long you will stay in front of the computer. It’s about how you will be trading.

No matter whether you’re doing stocks, Forex, ETFs, or Cryptocurrencies, you don’t need so much intraday trading because the Cryptocurrency market is opened all the time. There are no hours.

The Setup

And it goes through the weekend as well so you can do kind of scalping trading with Cryptos. But it’s not related really to the stock exchanges or to the volatility we get from these markets. So what you will need to have a comfortable intraday trading is a good setup at home.

I’ve been through many setups in some of my videos. You will notice that before I had 6, 7, 8 I think I reached a maximum of 10 monitors. Then with time, I started to reduce them. This is because I switched to algorithmic trading so I don’t do manual trading anymore.

Intraday trading tips for the setup
Intraday Trading Tip #2: Have A Proper Setup

But if you are an intraday trader who will be scalping manually and you will be executing the trades manually, you will need definitely a good setup. I’m not saying you go straight away with 6-10 monitors or anything like that. You should go with whatever you need.

Intraday Trading Monitors

So, for example, start with 2 monitors and do whatever you want until you need to have an extra monitor. Then just add one by one or buy a bigger one. But don’t invest too much from the beginning. Especially if you’re a beginner because it might turn out to be a waste of money if you cannot handle a huge volume of trading. Or if you fail to have enough profits from the beginning, then you will not need the monitors.

So the next of my intraday trading tips is to prepare a comfortable setup for your trading.

A comfortable setup for me is anything that will make you comfortable during the trading. As long as you will be able to see whatever you are watching. Is it a few currency pairs? For example, on one monitor, I always keep the majors. These are the EURUSD and the GBPUSD, but the USDCHF is no longer considered as a major. It was before but recently it’s not after it was released from the EUR.

And then we have the AUDUSD, the NZDUSD, the USDJPY, and the USDCAD. These are the pairs that everyone is watching all the time.

The Trading Indicators

Now what I would suggest you take is a Currency Strength Meter.

This is usually an Indicator. For example, I’ve been using Forex Profit Supreme Meter which is really great strength Indicator. And instead of having a monitor with all the currencies where it takes some experience and it needs the experience to follow all the currencies to recognize which is the strongest at the moment. But if you have an Indicator like Forex Profit Supreme Meter or any Currency Strength Meter they all work well.

They will show you which is the strongest currency at the moment. OK, usually you will see them just in a list, and then you will see for example the GBP on the top with 97 something depends on how the Indicator is developed and at any moment you will know which is the strongest currency pair to trade. And of course on the bottom, you will see which is the weakest. Right?

And usually, the combination of the 2 is the best choice to trade during the stock exchange.

So for example, if you have a very strong GBP and a very weak JPY at this moment. The best thing to trade is GBPJPY and obviously, you would want to Buy the GBPJPY, scalp it, Sell it and that’s it. I have done intraday trading only using the Forex Profit Supreme Meter Indicator, it’s a strength Indicator and it works really nice if you combine it with a strategy.

Intraday Trading Tips

I have such a strategy in my London, New York, and Tokyo trading course which I’m planning actually to re-record this year, by the end of the year hopefully, I will catch it. I will succeed to catch more examples, so I will upload to the course new fresh examples from intraday trading.

And the next intraday trading tip I would like to give you is about your mindset before you start trading and while you are start trading. If you have a losing day don’t be disappointed.

OK, it’s intraday trading, it means that every day you will open trades and you will close trades, right? And at the end of the day, it is very likely that you will be losing. You cannot be profiting every day. OK?

It’s really hard, honestly said I have over 10 years of experience in trading and to be profitable every day is very very hard. So if you have a losing day just go over it, start with fresh mind on the next day, forget about the old day don’t be disappointed, don’t try to cover the losses from the previous day.

Intraday Trading Targets

If you try always to cover the losses, it’s more likely that you will be losing again or even you will lose a bigger amount. For example, if you have a daily target of 50 pips and today you lose 70, tomorrow your target is 50 pips again it’s not 70. Forget that you have lost 70 the other day.

You have your daily target and no matter what happens during that day just go for your daily target. OK? This is a very important day trading tip and remembers that.

In the month we have 20 to 22 trading days which means that if you have less than 10 losing days and more profitable days you will be on a profit at the end of the month and this is what matters. OK? And here comes the same logic if you have a losing month, that’s OK, it happens. OK?

Go for the next month and the next month and the next month and obviously if you have 3-4-5 losing months then something is wrong with your strategy. There is something you have missed and you should just restart it or go for more education before you start the next month.
But if you have a few losing days that’s OK.

Intraday Trading Strategies

If you have traded with Expert Advisors or these are the Robots and you have done backtests you will know that with every strategy there are drawdown periods, there are losing days, weeks, and months.

This is why the best thing I recommend is using more than 1 strategy. So if 1 strategy brings you losses the other will compensate and you will have more stable results.

Start-up Capital

OK, so the last intraday trading tip I would like to share in this article is about trading capital. It is very important obviously and it’s related pretty much to money management.

So if you are starting, you need to know that you need capital, and of course, in the beginning, it’s very recommendable to go for a Demo Account. Just to practice, right?

But after you decide to go for real trading, you need to have capital. Many people ask me is it OK to start with $100 or $200? And I never suggest starting amount. It’s up to you, it depends how much you can afford to lose, this is how they usually call it. The money you put in your trading account, you should be comfortable losing them.

Because anything can happen on the market, you can fall under the emotions, you can blow your account easily. Especially if you’re a beginner, if you’re not following a precise strategy and a good money management you can blow your account or in other words you can lose it all.

Live & Demo Accounts

Keep that in mind and, back to the question is it OK to start with a $100 or $200? Of course, it’s OK but what will be the end result out of there? If you do 10% in the month which is a very normal and a good result for intraday trading, you will have obviously $10 to $20.

And from there comes the question is it worth trading all day, all month for $10 to $20? If you are just practicing with a small amount that’s absolutely fine. I’d rather prefer to practice with a small Live.

For example, if I get a new strategy I’ll prefer to practice on a small Live Account instead of on a Demo but this is because I already have experience.

If you’re a beginner trader first start with a Demo account.

So if you are starting with $100 or $200, you cannot really expect to leave your daily job and to have enough income for the month to cover all of your expenses, right?

Salaries vs. Trading Profits

For example, if you have a daily job where you earn I don’t know a $1000 depends where you live, for example, in Bulgaria the standard is very low, the average salary is somewhere at $500 at the moment and I know there is worse in Africa and some of the Asian countries, right?

And at the same time in UK, Germany, United States, Australia the people receive a lot more and they wouldn’t be happy to leave their daily job if they don’t get at least $4000-5000 so to have a 4-figure or even more as an income from trading you need capital.

I would say that a normal starting capital to have $5000 as a profit at the end of the month would be $50 000. OK? Which is 10%. So you cannot expect to make every month $5000 if you start with a $1000. That would mean you are doing, you should be doing 500% which is kind of unrealistic honestly. OK?

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So keep these intraday trading tips in mind. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below or in the forum. I’d be happy to answer.

Finally, be very careful with the starting amounts, this is the most important at the end of the day if you’re a beginner. Start with a Demo, see realistically what you can achieve.

If you are not happy with the results then maybe it’s too early to leave your daily job and I would never suggest you leave your daily job before you have more income from the trading, compared to what you earn and this is personally how I did it.

OK, guys, thank you very much for reading. If you have found this video useful I would appreciate it if you click a Like button and also subscribe to our channel to get more of my free videos and intraday trading tips.

Cheers and have a great day, bye.

forex major pairs

Forex Major Pairs: Learn what the Traders Trade

Forex major pairs are what the big guys trade

Hello everyone, today’s topic that I have selected to talk about is the Forex major pairs. And quite often we receive questions in the forum and in the email, and many of the students are asking which are the currency pairs that I trade. And as you have noticed in most of my courses, I trade with the major Forex pairs.

So which are the major Forex pairs? Four – EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, and USDCHF.

Forex major pairs
The major Forex pairs

These are the very major currency pairs even if some traders say that Aussie (AUDUSD), NZDUSD, and USDCAD are major. Now, these 3 – the AUDUSD, NZDUSD, and USDCAD, are known as commodity currency pairs.

The commodity currency pairs

Why? Because the economies of these countries are very dependent on what they export and these are different commodities that I’m not going to talk about in this video. But the 4, EURUSD is obviously the most traded currency pair, above 20% of all daily transactions on the Forex market are for the EURUSD.

And as I have mentioned in some of my courses, the Forex market does above 5 billion daily transactions which means that more than 1 billion is just for the EURUSD. The Second among the Forex Major Pairs is the USDJPY which is accepted by the traders as a safe haven currency pair, I have also mentioned that in some of my courses.

JPY is considered a safe haven currency 

For the beginners, this means that when there is some uncertainty on the market, a crisis, or when there are wars, the investors put their money into JPY. They buy more JPY which makes USDJPY obviously fall but the JPY as a currency is considered to be the safe haven.

Forex major pairs
Investors buy more JPY

And number 4 in the major Forex pairs is the USDCHF.

I’m not sure if you know but the Swiss Franc was stuck to the EUR like the Bulgarian Lev right now, we have 1.96 as a constant rate. So for 1 EUR, we pay 1.96 of Bulgarian Levs, and this is every day for many years now. So why do traders trade the Forex major pairs? Why do I trade them as well?

The spread is what makes the Forex major pairs attractive

When there is a lot of volume in one currency pair, it means that there is less spread. The spread is the difference between the Bid and the Ask price, this is what the brokers benefit and this is what we pay when we are buying and selling currencies on the Forex market.

The more volatility there is on a currency pair, the lower spread we pay. On the other side, the currency pairs that are not within the Forex major pairs are called the exotic currency pairs and they have a bigger spread.

For the traders, it is more expensive to trade those. Especially when I trade with Expert Advisors, it is essentially important to trade with a small spread. And as you know, I share a lot of my Expert Advisors in the courses and you can’t believe how different are the results the traders are getting.

Some traders report to me great results and others, for the same period of time, report losses to me, trading the very same Expert Advisors. This is because these guys that are losing are trading with brokers that offer high spread.

The slippage is not so likely with the Forex major pairs

So trading the major Forex pairs is very important because we pay a small spread, but you need to look for the broker that will offer you the small spread. And another important thing, the slippage – the more volume we have on the major currency pairs, the less chance we have for slippage.

An illustration of the slippage

Not really a nice feeling especially if you were in the right direction. So as a conclusion, you really don’t need to trade anything different from EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDJPY.

And as I show in my courses, I combine, for example, EURJPY or GBPJPY to have equal exposure in my portfolio because I trade with many Expert Advisors.

I create equal exposure in my portfolio

But don’t really go for exotic currency pairs where you might pay a lot of spread and you might have problems with the slippage. Stick to the Forex major pairs and you will be doing just fine.

Many professional traders are trading just EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDJPY, or even just EURUSD. I know many professional algo traders that trade just EURUSD with many Expert Advisors using EA Studio.

They use different strategies so still, they have a nice risk diversification.

Thank you, guys, for reading. If you have any questions about the Forex major pairs, please, let me know.

Forex account management

Forex Account Management: Stay Longer on the Market

Forex account management

Hello, everyone. In this lecture, I will talk about the Forex account management, which is essentially important while you are trading.

It’s a very common question and I receive it daily from the students and the traders – how much they should start with and how much should be the risk in their account. Now, I don’t want to suggest anybody with starting amounts.

This is a personal choice. It depends on how much you can afford and it depends on how much you want to risk. What I like to say is that you should never be risking more than 10% of your saved money. So let’s say you have $10,000 saved money. You should not open a live account with more than $1.000. That would be a smart Forex Account Management.

And I have covered that in my newest course, The Cryptocurrency Investment, where I teach the same. That when you are investing, again, no more than 10%. And if you are trading at the same time, another 10%. So totally you will be risking 20%.

My suggestion is to diversify the risk on many trades – the best solution for Forex Account Management

Don’t ever put in a real account all your savings, things might go wrong. You might lose it all. So you should stay really safe with no more than 10% of the account. And now when I say 10% of your savings, it doesn’t really mean that you will be risking all of that.

This is how much you should open an account with. So, again, if you have $10,000 saved and you open a live account with $1,000, this is just fine. And from this $1,000 account, you should not risk more than 2-5% for manual trading. Which means 20-50 dollars per day for trading.

Not just a single trade, but I’d also suggest you diversify the risk on many trades. So if you’re trading manually and you have a $1,000 live account and you’re risking 5% maximum, this is $50. And if you have 5 different trades, for each one, the maximum risk should be $10. This means total risk is $50 if all 5 trades go wrong, which usually doesn’t happen.

This is the idea of diversification and this is a good Forex account management. When I cover that in my courses, I teach that you should use different strategies in your trading. So if you have 5 trades, they should be based on 5 different strategies. The chance that all of them go wrong is smaller.

Trading with Expert Advisors is not a bad idea

So, one more time, if you have $10,000, you should open a live account with $1,000, 10% of your savings. And from there, if you’re risking 5% per day, this is the very good Forex account management you can keep. This is $50. Diversify that on 5 different trades based on 5 different strategies and you will have a very small risk of $10 per trade or per strategy.

And here is a video which will show you some realistic trading with many Expert Advisors (Trading Robots).

It is very important because the market is different every day, which means that one strategy will be profitable at one moment and tomorrow it might be losing. But when you have 5 different strategies and you are trading at the same time or you’re trading them simultaneously, well, they will compensate each other.

And this is for manual trading. Now, when it comes to algorithmic trading things are different. With EA Studio, especially what I show in my courses, we have a better risk diversification because we can trade with hundreds of Expert Advisors.

If I stick to the same example of $10,000 saved money, you open a live account with $1,000. How much should you be risking with the Expert Advisors? Again, no more than 5%. And it’s up to you if you want to trade 5, 10, or 100 strategies.

The portfolio Expert Advisors gives you the best Forex account management

With EA Studio we have the chance to create so many Expert Advisors that you could be trading 100 strategies in a portfolio Expert Advisor.

forex account management
You can create many Expert Advisors with EA Studio

For example, if you go with 0.01 lot, you can do that. In a $1,000 account, I would suggest you have no more than 10 Expert Advisors with 0.1 lot.

Or you might have 100 Expert Advisors with 0.01 lot. That would work fine as well. And quite often I receive the question for the Expert Advisors like how many in one account, for how many currencies. I would suggest you stick to no more than 3 currency pairs and that way it will be less difficult for you to manage it.

And if you use the portfolio Expert Advisor it will be easier.

This is why in The Ultimate Forex Trading Package I include 99 Expert Advisors which should be loaded on different charts. But in the portfolio courses, the EURUSD, the 100 EURUSD, the 100 GBPUSD, and the Walk Forward optimization, there I include portfolio Expert Advisors which means that you can add all of them to a single chart and they trade.

I show in the courses how to follow the results.

But what I wanted to say is stick to the same account management. And something very important I would like to say again is when you block $10 from your account, this is the margin, it doesn’t mean you’re risking $10.

Check for the Stop Loss range

The risk is always the Stop Loss. That’s a common mistake by the beginner traders. Usually, what they do is they say, “I will risk today $20.” And they follow the strategy and they don’t calculate the lots, this is what I saw. The proper way is first to see what is the range of the Stop Loss.

For example, in automated trading, I usually use 10 pips to 100 pips. It’s never more than 100 pips so I know where is the risk. But the proper way to do the Forex account management before trading is to calculate how much you will be risking if the price hits your Stop Loss.

When the price hits the Stop Loss, you’re losing. This is the risk. It’s not how much you are blocking from the account. The right way is to calculate the Stop Loss, what is the distance, how much you can afford to trade with, what will be the lot, so you will fit in your account money management. Not the other way around.

Usually people first decide how much they will be risking, and they open the trade, and the Stop Loss turns out to be more than what they expect to lose. So first, calculate the Stop Loss distance, see how much you can trade with, what will be the lot, and fit it in your Forex account management.

Feel free to ask questions

If you have questions, of course, about the Forex account management, the risks, don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments below. I will do my best to answer as soon as possible.

Cheers, guys.

algo trading courses faq

Top 10 FAQ: Algo trading courses

Algo trading courses: this is what we do and today we will answer the top FAQ from our London, NY & Tokyo trading systems

Hello, dear traders, and welcome to the top 10 frequently asked questions for the Algorithmic trading course London, New York, and Tokyo system. So in this article, I will answer the most frequently asked questions that I receive for this course and for all of our Algo trading courses. And I will give you some more details and explanations about the course.

1. “Why should we avoid to download historical data from the history center in MT?”

That is a great question because as we show in all of our algo trading courses, the Historical data is super important. Now, in the history center that we have in the Meta Trader platform, the historical data comes from the MetaQuotes Company, and actually there comes a pop-up message if you try to download the historical data and it says that this data will be from MetaQuotes.

algo trading courses

So this is not the data from your broker and we really want to avoid using different historical data from our broker. The idea in algorithmic trading especially when we create Expert Advisors, when we generate them, and when we backtest them, is to do this over the historical data of our broker that we will use for real trading.

Simply, it’s because the different brokers provide different prices every day which forms different historical data.

It could be a very tiny difference between the prices of the different brokers but it impacts the backtesting result. So it is very important to use the historical data from your broker.

2. “What do we do if we already downloaded the data from the history center?”

Now, this question is logical after the first one and the answer is very simple, you will need to reinstall the Meta Trader and start from the beginning. So once you have downloaded the historical data from the history center, you need to reinstall the Meta Trader because already you have the historical data from the MetaQuotes.

And even if you do what I show in my algo trading courses pressing the HOME key and exporting it with the script, it will be over the data you have already downloaded from the MetaQuotes Company. So you just need to delete everything, install the Meta Trader, actually it’s not really a hard process.

It takes no more than 15 to 20 minutes to do the whole thing so just do it again. But you will be sure this way you are trading the proper historical data.

3. “I failed to generate strategies as I learned from the other algo trading courses with the trading session hours, why is that?”

Now, first of all, probably this happens if the user has placed too strict Acceptance criteria in the generator. The Acceptance criteria tool found in the EA Studio. So don’t make the strategies that you’re looking for too imaginary. Look for realistic strategies.

So give it a Profit factor of 1.1, 1.2, win-loss ratio of 0.70, minimum Count of trades, for example, 300 to 400, don’t make it like you are looking for the perfect strategy which does not exist. It is better to have more strategies into your collection when you generate strategies than having no strategies after hours of generation.

Remove the Acceptance criteria to be sure.

So if this is what you are missing, the best way to find out if this is the reason is to simply remove the Acceptance criteria, see if you will have strategies into the collection.

If you do, then you start adding some Acceptance criteria slowly until you find the golden middle, as I say, where you have good strategies and at the same time they are filtered with the Acceptance criteria.

If this is not the reason then probably you have some issue with your historical data, there are some bars missing, or anything in tools that you have placed wrong.

Could be the trading hours, make sure you calculate them well according to your time zone, and actually according to the time zone of your broker because sometimes you will see that your broker will show a different time zone from what is your local time.

time in the market watch

So when you’re calculating the London, the New York, or the Tokyo Stock Exchange hours, make sure to calculate them according to the time zone you see on your Meta Trader. It is just above the Market Watch where you see the time zone of the broker.

4. “How do the working minutes impact the outcome of the generator from this course and the other Algo trading courses?”

The outcome is not really connected with the working minutes. The more the generator works, the more strategies you will see. It’s just time. You can set it to work for 6 minutes, you can set it for 1 hour, you can set it for 10 hours which is 600 minutes.

Normally, I show in my algo trading courses that I set it to 10 hours during the night when I’m out, or when I’m sleeping, or when I’m not in front of the computer. Or even when I am here recording the lecture videos, I generate strategies.

I run the generator like all the time because I really want to get more strategies so I have a bigger choice. So probably this answers the question, the more you run the generator, the more strategies you will have, the bigger choice you will have. But it’s not that it will bring you better strategies with time, it will just bring you more strategies with time.

So the more you run the generator the better.

5. “How do I save the historical data bars that are loaded if I reinstall the Meta Trader?”

You can save the historical data bars as HST bars which you can find if you go to file, and then you go to open data folder, and then you go to history, and there you will see the HST files which are stored there.

historical data files

So just copy those, place them in a folder, and later on, when you install the Meta Trader you can place them back. So simply, from time to time you can download these files and place them in a separate folder where you will store your historical data.

And if something happens with your Meta Trader, you reinstall the windows, you reinstall the Meta Trader itself, you just place them. So do this like every other month or every month if you wish to make sure you will not lose your historical data because it takes time to collect the data and it will be horrible if we lose it.

6. “How often do you make new EAs for this system or any of the others from the algo trading courses?”

Well, as I said already, I generate strategies all the time but personally, to me, this is my work. I do this daily, during the weekends, I do this like all the time. This is my job, this is what I do so I do new Expert Advisors constantly all the time.

I test so many Expert Advisors, I include so many Expert Advisors in my algo trading courses. So I really want to do my best to include good strategies, good Expert Advisors, the robustness to be tested well before actually providing the Expert Advisors in my courses or even if I do it for myself.

I want to trade good Expert Advisors because at the end of the day we’re trading with real money. So we want to make sure that we have good strategies and good Expert Advisors and in order to have those, we need to create new ones all the time. Now, if you do this like your part-time job, as a hobby, just run the generator overnight.

There’s no particular Expert Advisor that will constantly create profits for you.

Run it for 10 hours, leave it there to generate, it will cost you nothing, it’s not time-consuming for you to generate strategies. You just need to set up and run it to generate. You will see how I do it most of my algo trading courses.

On the next day, filter strategies then test them. And this process occurs over and over. But with time I figured out that we need to do this because of market changes, we need to be flexible with the market.

You cannot expect to trade always with 1 single Expert Advisor, which will make you constantly profit. I can tell you that probably 99% of the people that are coming to the Academy, writing me emails, people who are buying Expert Advisors from the market, they hope that they will find this golden Expert Advisor that will make them constantly profits.

Unfortunately, that’s not the reality. If it was, I would give such an Expert Advisor in every course and I would make it easier for everybody. We need to be flexible with the market, create many Expert Advisors daily, test them, and see which one to trade on the live account for the moment.

7. “When we monitor the Expert Advisors in FX Blue, should we put constant recent data range?”

When we are testing the Expert Advisors, if you are testing the Expert Advisors for a longer time like a couple of months, or even years, some people prefer to test the Expert Advisors like for really long and monitor the whole period.

You really can change the recent data. For example, you can monitor the Expert Advisors for the last 2 months and always for the last 2 months. So, for example, if it’s now March, I can do it from the beginning of January, and in April I can do it from the beginning of February, and in May from the beginning of March.

I’m always looking at the last 2 months, how the Expert Advisors performed during the last 2 months. And this is an example. You can do it for the last 1 month, for the last 1 week, it is up to you. In most of my algo trading courses I leave it to the traders at the end how they want to manage the EAs.

The robustness of the EAs

But it’s really a good idea to drag the period behind you because this is what makes it important. We’re looking and we’re concentrating on the recent historical data, the recent market conditions. Not the last 6 months, the last 1 year, even if we are using this long period when we’re generating strategies.

But this is different, we do this because we want to have strategies with many Count of trades. This is what brings the robustness, the essential part of the robustness. With the more Count of trades we have in the strategy, the more it is reliable in the future. But this is to generate the strategy.

To follow the results on FX Blue you can use some period for the recent month or 2.

8. “Why do we set 999999… as a number of bars in chart properties?”

Well, there is the next question together with this one, “I still get different bars for all time frames.” The 999… which I said we place in the properties is just because there is a limitation the first time we install Meta Trader with 65,000 bars.

We want to remove it and that’s why we place just 99999…as much as you can so you don’t have basically any limitations. And then if you reopen it, you will see some random number which comes from somewhere in Meta Trader. I have no idea about that. It’s just a number I think randomly they have selected to put. This is because we never see such a huge number of bars.

So we simply remove the limitation for the number of bars and then we just press the HOME key, we load the maximum historical data as possible, and for timeframes, of course, it is different. For M1, M5, you will see a huge number.

Difference between the higher and the lower timeframes in my algo trading courses

In the beginning, probably it will be somewhere between 70,000 – 80,000 bars. If you keep your Meta Trader open for some time, for a couple of months, it will be up to 200,000, 300,000, 500,000 if you keep it like for a longer time. And with the higher timeframes, like H1, H4, daily chart, you will see just a couple of thousands of bars which is normal.

Because one is 1 minute, the other is 1 day. So this is why there is a difference but it’s not connected to where we place the 999. Simply, there we remove this limitation from the Meta Trader.

9. “In all algo trading courses, you include Expert Advisors but in this one, you did not, why?”

Well, there is a simple reason behind that. With this course, I show the system where we are trading with the specific hours for the trading sessions. And with my time zone, these Expert Advisors would not work with any other time zone.

So if I include the Expert Advisors, they will be working only with the traders in my time zone. This you understand is very limited and it doesn’t make sense to do it. So this is the reason I cannot include the Expert Advisors that I use for this system because of the time zone.

10. “Should we really avoid trading currency pairs only with the dollar?”

Well, this is kind of a mistake for every beginner trader at the beginning. As far as I remember I did this mistake many years ago as well. I was focusing to trade only GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, AUDUSD. Because obviously these are the major pairs and they have the lowest spread and we want to trade the lowest spread.

The problem is that we put too much exposure to the dollar. And when we have some important news for the dollar, when we have some volatile move there with the dollar, it pressures our account.

And sometimes you will see huge profits, sometimes you will see huge losses and drawdowns if you have only the dollar currencies and if you are trading many Expert Advisors only on currencies with the dollar.

That is why I prefer to diversify the risk of a couple of different currency pairs.

These are the 10 frequently asked questions that I receive for the Algorithmic trading course London, New York, and Tokyo system and for all the other algo trading courses. If you have any other questions, you are very welcome to drop them in our trading forum. Many people are already there sharing their experience which is just great and you are very welcome to do it.

Thank you for reading and always enjoy the trading.


Basic Forex Education Course: 10 FAQ

Basic Forex education course is a must nowadays, otherwise, the risk of losing money is huge.

Hello, dear traders, this is Petko Aleksandrov and today I am going to answer the 10 most frequently asked questions that I receive for the Basic Forex education course. We have already thousands of students that joined Forex Academy, which makes me of course, very happy, and most of the time we get one and the same question.

So I have decided to make this series of frequently asked questions for all my courses which will be very helpful for everybody who has questions and wants to learn details about the course. I will answer them one by one.

1. “Why is it that my trading screen with Heiken Ashi does not look the same as yours on the Basic Forex education course?”

Heiken Ashi indicator normally is not a Meta Trader indicator that comes with the installation on Meta Trader. Some brokers put it additionally. You can put it by yourself, you can download it from the internet for free or you can find it from somewhere very easily actually.

And when you place it, it will come with different default colors which you can change. So it should not be the same as mine. Of course, you should find the color inputs or change the colors that you feel comfortable with when looking at a trading screen.

In the Basic Forex education course, you will see how to change the colors in the Meta Trader platform.

So it will always give you the same signals, it doesn’t matter what colours you will use.

2. “Is Forex trading shown in the Basic Forex education course gambling like in the casino?”

You will see this written in so many places over the internet, people who lost money with Forex say that this is like the casino. But I could tell you that 99%, probably 99.9% of them did not go through any education when they started.

And they are simply buying and selling without an idea, or after seeing something on the news, or after a friend told them something, which is totally different from what we are doing and what I am teaching in the course.

Even if I have no idea and I close my eyes and I go in one asset to just buy or sell, I will have a 50/50 chance to go with the market. Something nobody has in the casino.

It’s never 50/50 there. There you have no chances, it’s all on the side of the casino. That’s why you will never see me in the casino.

However, Forex trading is much more logical. And especially when you go through education, when you build a strategy, or when you learn the strategy like the one I’m teaching in the Basic Forex education course.

You have bigger chances on the market than someone who is gambling, someone who has no idea, who is lazy to go through an education and goes trading just without an idea.

3. “The Forex profit Supreme meter indicator does not display properly. What might be the issue?”

The number one thing is that you might not have all the assets in the Market Watch. So just right-click on any of the currency pairs and select Show all. Normally when you install the Meta Trader you will not see all the assets.

You just need to display them all and then once again put the indicator over the chart. So it has the information from the Market Watch. Second thing, I had a couple of reports from the students who didn’t fit the indicator and it was not showing the complete numbers.

I suggested for them to change the resolution and it worked fine. So it’s one of the two things.

Last, the Forex profit supreme meter works for MetaTrader 4 and it won’t work on MetaTrader 5.

4. “Why is it that with some currencies there are three numbers after the decimal and with some five?”

Three numbers after the decimal comma, this is with the Yen currencies. Simply, all the Yen currencies have three numbers after the decimal comma. All the rest have 5.

This is because the Yen is quite a cheap currency compared to the others. And the price normally is one hundred and something which is 3 digits and then we have 3 more left after the decimal comma. But in total, we have 6 digits like the other currency pairs.

5. “What leverage would you recommend trading with?”

I really avoid recommending brokers, starting amounts. And I always avoid these questions, I can say. But with the leverage, it’s not really important.

The most important thing is to keep good money management into the account and keep in mind that the leverage has nothing to do with the performance of the strategy.

It is up to you how much you are willing to risk from your account, what leverage you are using. If you have good money management the leverage is really not important.

The bigger the leverage gives you the chance to trade with bigger amounts than what you have in your account. But it is again connected to money management.

So even if you trade with huge leverage, keep smart money management into your account.

6. “The system in the Basic Forex education course is very interesting. Can it be automated?”

Well, I can say that nearly all the trading systems can be automated. But this is a manual course. And I have even more algorithmic courses but this is a purely manual course.

That’s why I didn’t automate the system and that’s why I explained it with manual trading. I also like sometimes to trade manually.

It makes me feel energetic and more of a trader because when we’re using Expert Advisors, sometimes I have the feeling that I manage them, but I’m not personally trading. And when I’m trading manually I feel really great and it makes me really happy when I’m trading manually.

That’s why this system is purely manual and it’s for the people who are interested in manual trading and not in algorithmic trading.

7. “When we do CFD trading, do we actually benefit the trade or not?”

This question is not really clear the first time, but I receive it frequently. When we are having CFD trading, we benefit the difference between the moment we enter or the price we enter until the price we exit. So yes, we can say that if we are on a profit, we benefit the trade because we benefit the profit if we are on a profit.

But we do not benefit the asset itself, it should be clear. So when we are buying, for example, gold with CFD trading, we’re not buying actual gold. We are trading on the price.

If we buy at 1200 and we close the trade at 1,300, we will benefit from this $100 of a profit. We don’t benefit $100 gold or something like that. We benefit from the difference.

That’s why it is called Contract For Difference, CFD trading. And obviously, if we’re in a loss we will lose the difference. So it’s always about the price where we enter and the price where we exit.

8. “Is the Basic Forex education course system applicable only to Meta Trader or not?”

Now, actually this system, as I said, is a manual system for trading. You can use it with any other platform. I have selected the Meta Trader simply because I’m using a lot of Meta Trader in the algorithmic trading.

But if you have the indicators on the other platforms, you can use the other platforms. What is good with Meta Trader is that you can easily separate a couple of charts, a couple of windows, and you can monitor the different time frames.

This is what I like in Meta Trader. It’s very easy to do that but in some platforms it’s not. With some actually, it’s not possible at all, to monitor one and the same asset with different time frames, on different windows. You need to switch between each one which makes it difficult for this system.

9. “Can we add the other time frames to confirm the trend direction?”

This question is regarding the strategy itself. And yes, you can add the other time frames to confirm the direction of the trend. But the more time frames you add, the more you will limit your entries. Keep that in mind.

If you place, for example, all the time frames and you want the Heiken Ashi to confirm the direction, sometimes probably you will wait for days or weeks to open a single trade.

That’s not the idea of trading. Basically, we don’t want to sit in front of the computer and wait for hours only to execute one trade or none. Simply, we will lose our time. That’s why I have selected these 2 time frames to filter. I think they’re enough, I have tested it a lot.

Already hundreds of students tested it as well and it works just fine. No need to make it more complicated or more engaging or more time-consuming.

10. “I understand the usage of the indicator but can we trade only one currency pair always?”

I will say the same thing as with the last question, if you trade only one currency pair, you will wait sometimes for hours or days to open a single trade because it will happen over a long time that you don’t have the confirmation. And we have so many currency pairs with the Forex market, this is the idea of trading the Forex market.

We should take the opportunity on different currency pairs at different moments. And there comes the Forex profit supreme meter which I have included to help you choose the currency pair.

But if you are stuck with one currency pair, yes, there will be trades but you will need to wait a long time to execute single trades. Because you will just look at one currency pair and you will have to wait for it.

Take the chances you have from the Forex market at every moment because there are many chances all day long.

Thank you guys for reading, if you have any other questions for the Basic Forex education course drop them in our trading forum at EA Forex Academy. And if you liked the video click on Subscribe and you will get all the new videos that I upload nearly every day.

I wish you always safe trading.


Ethereum Course with 99 EAs: 10 FAQ

Ethereum course with Expert Advisors is really what the crypto trader want. So we gave it to them!

Ethereum course is launched and I will answer your questions today! Hello, dear traders, and welcome to the 10 most frequently asked questions for the Ethereum course in 2019 + 99 robots every month. I will answer the 10 questions that I receive the most and I hope I will give answers to other questions that you might have for this course.

1.Should I turn off my computer when the Expert Advisors  from the Ethereum course are trading or not?”

Now if you, guys, turn off your computer while you are trading with Expert Advisors, this will disconnect your Meta Trader from the server of your broker which basically will disable the Expert Advisors. So you should not really turn off your computer. Now the Expert Advisors have Stop Loss and Take Profit, which will execute when you turn off your computer.

No new trades will open and if you have exit conditions with Expert Advisors, they will not be active. So basically you will just depend on the Stop Loss and Take Profit. So one of the solutions is to leave your computer, your laptop 24 hours opened.

The other solution is to look for VPS service. This is a little bit of a cost which probably you don’t want to give in the beginning when you start trading. So the better choice, especially for beginner traders, is to leave their computers opened and connected to the Internet and to the server of the broker.

2. “The generator cannot find my strategies for Ethereum trading?”

The reason for that is that you have made the generator, the Acceptance criteria in the generator too strict.  So probably you have entered too many Count of trades. Or you have entered a very small range for Stop Loss and Take Profit or huge Profit factor like 1.5 or anything that just limits the generator. Try to give it a wide range, not too strict.

So you better have more strategies into the collection as I show in the Ethereum course. Then, you will filter them through the collection and you will see the best Expert Advisors. What I mean is you better have more strategies into the collection when you’re generating. Don’t make it too strict and have no strategies at the end of the generator process.

3. “How do I change the lot size in the order?”

You can change the lot size from the moment when you drop the Expert Advisor over the chart and inputs the first row that you will see on the top. It says a trading lot and from there you can choose whatever Ethereum trading lot you want to trade:

Ethereum course
Inputs for the parameters

Now if you are trading with the 99 Expert Advisors from the Ethereum course, make sure to trade a really small lot in the beginning. If you place a huge lot and especially with 99 Expert Advisors, you will need to have a huge account. Of course, you can do it on a Demo account. But on a live account be very careful trading with huge lots especially with many Expert Advisors in one account.

How can I change the lot for my Expert Advisor?

  • right click over the trading chart
  • Expert properties – properties
  • on the first raw you will see Entry lot
  • enter the new lot in Value column

4. “Can I place the 10 best Expert Advisors and use them for 1 year?”

Well, this really depends on the market but I don’t really think that 10 Expert Advisors will stay profitable for one year.

The market changes.

Now we are at the beginning of 2020, at the beginning of 2018 it was totally different.

The cryptocurrency market was crazy and the Ethereum trading was adventure. The price was going up and then it fell like a stone. So we never know what happens especially with the cryptocurrencies. That’s why the idea is to test every month different Expert Advisors and to select those of them who are profiting at the current market.

That is why I update the Ethereum course with new 99 Expert Advisors every month.  Now if you find a strategy that is profitable for many months that is great, don’t move it.  Don’t remove it from the live account because obviously if it makes profits that’s great.

You don’t need to change it with another one, you can add another one but don’t remove the ones that are profitable.

5.  “Are there special hardware requirements?”

Not really, you don’t need to have a very powerful computer for Ethereum trading with 99 Expert Advisors.

A random computer with standard parameters for nowadays, I can say, will work just fine. Of course, if you place a couple of Meta Traders like 2, 3, 4 it will make it slower for sure, but the execution of the orders does not really affect from that. It’s more from your server of the broker, from your broker basically.

And just keep it simple, don’t place too many Meta Traders, just one you want to test the Expert Advisors. Another one with another Demo account where you will be placing the best Expert Advisors until you are satisfied and then one of the Meta Trader accounts you can make it as a live account so there you will be actually trading with live money. But, of course, first, always test on a Demo.

6. “Should I replace the 99 Expert Advisors with new ones that come every month with the Ethereum course?”

Well, I almost answered this question with the previous one by saying to keep it simple. So first what you can do is you can replace the 99 Expert Advisors every month when you receive them as an update to the course.

Second, what you can do is you can have two accounts where you will have the Expert Advisors from the previous month and from the current month and you will have the best Expert Advisors from this 198 or you can have another Meta Trader with the older 99 Expert Advisors and you will have a huge portfolio from which you can choose. But one more time keep it as simple as possible. That is why I am providing you with new Expert Advisors every month, so you really don’t need to struggle too much with the old Expert Advisors.

If you find Expert Advisors from the old ones that are profitable currently this is just great. Keep them trading but just replace with the new Expert Advisors I am providing you with, it will be much easier and simpler for you.

7. “I have different results in the Demo and in the live account, why is that?”

Most of the time the reason is with your broker.

Not all of the brokers are really, I can say, honest with their demo trading and live trading. They have different spreads which actually changes  the historical data, changes the candles:

meta trader platform
Trading with 99 EAs on one account

If the candles are different even with a few points, that will form different Historical data. And sometimes you might see a difference from your Demo and Live account.

And sometimes the traders do not see the same results on the Demo and with the live account. This is why when I do Ethereum trading with a new broker the first thing I do is to test the broker. If it will show me the same results with Demo and live. Just some Expert Advisors I drop on the live account with 0.01. I wait for a couple of trades to be open and I compare the Demo and the live account.

This is one of the signs that you can check your broker if it’s really legit if it is really honest and if you can actually depend on this broker. Now it’s not about the Expert Advisors, really doesn’t matter for the Expert Advisors if they are trading on a Demo account or on the live account. Wherever you place them they will trade, it depends more on your broker.

8. “If I buy a more powerful computer, will it improve the generator of experts or not?”

Now Expert Advisor Studio is so quick, basically, you don’t need to make it faster. You can have a better computer obviously, I always encourage traders to invest in their machines because in the long term it pays back.

But you can start with your computer, whatever you have it will still work fast especially if you have the EA Studio on a separate browser, no other browsers together it will work fast. Now if you open a couple of browsers with generating, at the same time, probably it will make it slower. So you will find where works the best with your computer, with the time when you start earning you can, of course, invest in more powerful trading machines.

9. “Can I install Meta Trader from another broker and use 2 Demo accounts from one broker?”

Yes absolutely you can do that basically if you choose one broker and you want to have two Demo accounts; one to test the Expert Advisors, the other one to simulate live trading…you can download Meta Trader from another broker but register a second Demo account with the first broker and then just login to the other broker. It will work fine. Simply the Meta Trader, this is the platform and you can connect it to any broker’s server.

10. “Can we do Ethereum trading with  Expert Advisors  from this Ethereum course on M1 chart to have more orders?”

Yes, you can trade the Expert Advisors on M1 chart but I really don’t suggest you do that because the Expert Advisors for this course are for different time frames. OK? So it’s a common mistake among the traders that trade one Expert Advisor on different time frames and especially on different cryptocurrencies or Forex currency pairs.

Now each Expert Advisor that we create is created over the historical data of 1 asset on 1 time frame. OK? This is why you should stick to it. If you want to trade on M1, you should generate new strategies using Expert Advisors Studio for M1 over the historical data of M1, this is the proper and the right way.

If you have other questions about the Ethereum course,  don’t hesitate to ask me, I will always answer you. Drop your question in our forum.

See you inside the class!